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PM calls for enhancing digital security

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday directed the authorities concerned to pay more attention to digital security in every sector of the country.

“In fact, as technology creates opportunities for us, it can also cause problems in many cases. From this aspect, we’ve to think afresh about our security matters,” she said.

The prime minister was addressing the 3rd meeting of “Digital Bangladesh Taskforce” at her official residence Ganobhaban here.

She asked the authorities concerned to think about the (digital) security issue in all cases, starting from the money deposited in the bank.

Hasina said the excellence of technology will continue to increase day by day. But every day new thoughts will come (to surface). “What I think applicable now will go further (need further revision). We’ll have to keep it in mind,” she added.

She stressed the need for putting more importance to research as the excellence of technology will continue to grow.

“We’ve to conduct our research all the time. We should keep pace with the world. And Bangladesh will set an example for all to follow. That’s what I want,” she said.

Noting that the people of Bangladesh have talent, she said “Why shall we remain dependent on others?….We can go a long way if we can create scope to flourish it.”

Talking about the brain drain, the PM said many people say that the country’s talents are going outside, but she doesn’t worry much about it as many of them finally return home after earning money.

“Now Bangladesh is also an attractive place… We don’t need to talk about old words – Brain drain– anymore -…. We have no shortage of people,” she said, adding that Bangladesh has a large number of young people.

The PM said the position of Bangladesh is better than others in many ways. “We’re in a much better position.”

She said Digital Bangladesh has made many things easier here. Today, broadband internet reached over 4,000 unions and our own Satellite has been launched. None could think of it in the past, she added.

Hasina stressed the need for developing the young generation as skilled manpower in order to take Bangladesh forward.

“In order to take Bangladesh forward, we’ve to develop our young folks in a more suitable way by giving them proper education and training or building their mindset in the proper way,” she said.

Source: United News of Bangladesh