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PM calls for building prosperous Bangladesh

DHAKA, Jan 9, 2017 (BSS) - Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today called for building a non-communal, hunger-poverty-free and happy-prosperous Bangladesh being imbued with the spirit of liberation war.

In a message on the occasion of the Homecoming Day, she said, " Let us build a "Sonar Bangla" as dreamt by Bangabandhu where there will be no disparity between the rich and the poor and equal opportunity of prosperity will be available for all."

The Prime Minister said "The 10th January of 1972 is one of the red letter days in the history of the liberation struggle of the Bangalee nation. On this day, the greatest Bangalee of all time, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman returned to independent Bangladesh after over nine and a half months' captivity in a Pakistan jail."

She said Bangladesh Awami League achieved absolute majority in the 1970 elections under the leadership of the Father of the Nation. But, the Pakistani military junta continued to cling to power ignoring the people's mandate staging various farces, she added.

The Prime Minister said, "Aiming at an ultimate target to free the Bangalee nation, Bangabandhu in his address at the then historic Racecourse Maidan on the 7th March in 1971 declared, this time the struggle is for our freedom, this time the struggle is for the independence."

"The Pakistani occupation forces launched brutal attack on the innocent Bangalees and carried out massacre on the night of the 25th of March in 1971. The Father of the Nation declared Independence of Bangladesh at the first hour of the 26th March," she added.

Sheikh Hasina said "Just after his declaration of the independence, Bangabandhu was arrested and subsequently sent to a solitary confinement in Pakistani jail. He was subjected to inhuman torture in the jail where he had been counting moments for being executed after his death sentence was pronounced in a farcical trial."

In the face of death, he rejoiced the spirit of the Banglee nation, she said adding he was the inspiration of the freedom fighters.

"Under his undisputed leadership, the Bangalee nation earned the ultimate victory waging the 9-month solemnly-vowed war. The defeated Pakistani rulers were finally compelled to free Bangabandhu"

"The Father of the Nation returned to independent Bangladesh on the 10th January in 1972. On his return, he delivered a speech before a mammoth gathering at Suhrawardi Udyan where he narrated the inhuman torture of the Pakistani military junta meted out on him. The Bangalee Nation got back the Father of the Nation and their victory attained the fulfillment," she added.

"After his return, the Father of the Nation devoted all his efforts to rebuild the war-ravaged Bangladesh. He took the initiative for immediate withdrawal of the allied Indian forces from Bangladesh's soil. Responding to his call, various international organizations, including the United Nations and the friendly countries, quickly gave recognition to Bangladesh" she added.

The Prime Minister said the country earned the membership of the OIC in 1974. Bangladesh soon made its strong presence in the comity of nations under the charismatic leadership of Bangabandhu.

The assailants halted the march-forward of Bangladesh through killing the Father of the nation along with most of his family members on the 15th August 1975, she said adding the armed usurpers marred the democracy, defaced the Constitution and halted the path of progress and development.

Sheikh Hasina said "The democracy has been reestablished after a protracted struggle and sacrifice. Awami League government has been working relentlessly to bring positive changes in people's living standard. Our per capita income has been risen to USD 1466. Foreign exchange reserve surpassed USD 32 billion."

She said, "We have reestablished the spirit of the Liberation War through the 15th amendment to the Constitution. It sealed off usurping power through any unconstitutional means. We have ensured that elected representatives would rule the country."

Bangladesh is now the 'Role Model' in all fields of socio-economic fronts including agriculture, education, healthcare, communication, ICT, industrialization, trade and commerce, the Prime Minister said adding, "We will turn Bangladesh into a middle-income country by 2021 and a developed one by 2041, Inshallah."

She said, "Let us take a fresh vow on the homecoming day of the Father of the Nation so that no evil force could disrupt the ongoing march of our progress and development."

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)