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Coming down heavily on the BNP leaders, the Prime Minister said that the BNP had observed the day of March and they have found nothing in the historic March 7 speech though it was recognized internationally, adding, “This is the reality.”

In this connection, she said. They (BNP leaders) understand what the Pakistani occupation forces realized. There are some people in our country who do not see or understand anything.

Describing those, who failed to understand the essence of the March 7 speech, as stupid, she said that British journalist Jacob F Field selected the March 7 speech of Bangabandhu among 41 best speeches across the globe in the last 2500 years that inspired the people most.

Besides, the March 7 speech was included in the International Memory of the World Register as document on October 30 in 2017, she said.

Sheikh Hasina, also President of the ruling AL told his party leaders and workers that the BNP leaders would not find the declaration of independence in the March 7 speech likewise the Pakistani occupation forces.

It was learnt from biographies of the Pakistani generals who worked in the East Pakistan now Bangladesh at that time that the Pakistani forces had taken all out preparation to carry out attacks on the millions of people gathered at the Race Course Maidan now Suhrawardi Udyan to hear the March 7 speech of Bangabandhu, she informed.

The Prime Minister said that the Father of the Nation knew which language the people could understand and he spoke the same language in his speech.

He described the way of declaring the country’s independence as a strategy of war, saying that Bangabandhu was not only a good politician but also good at war strategy.

The Premier said that Bangabandhu had given every necessary direction to conduct a guerilla war against the Pakistani occupation forces.

Recalling the memories of March 7 of 1971, Sheikh Hasina said that she along with her sister Sheikh Rehana were returning by a car to home after hearing the March speech of Bangbandhu at the then Race Course Maidan and found people jubilant with chanting a slogan “Beer Bangali Osro Dhoro, Bangladesh Swadhin Koro” (Brave Bangali take up arms and make Bangladesh independent)

The people compelled them to come out of the car, she said adding that they later chanted the slogan with them.

She continued that after returning home at Dhanmondi 32 she found student leader Sirajul Alam Khan was telling Bangabandhu “what you told the people that they were returning home frustrated?”

But the fact remained people were returning home with a message of taking preparation for a guerilla war, she added.

After hearing Sirajul Alam Khan, she vehemently opposed it saying that he (Sirajul) was lying, the premier added.

Sheikh Hasina said that the comments recently made by the BNP leaders regarding the March 7 speech and the remarks made by Sirajul Alam Khan reminded them that they are still working for their Pakistani master.

She said the BNP leaders have also said many things about the Covid-19 vaccine and they are now taking the vaccine.

The Prime Minister asked her party leaders and workers not to pay heed to the comments of the BNP leaders and work for the welfare of the people as the AL is committed to implementing the dream of the Father of the Nation by giving the people a beautiful and improved life.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)