Phone Heating Issue: How to Save Smartphones from Overheating?

If you are like most people, you rely on your smartphone to keep in touch with friends and family, access the internet, and keep track of your schedule. But what if your phone overheats? Most smartphones get really hot when used for long periods of time. That could ruin your day – or worse. Here are some tips to stop your smartphone from overheating.

Why Do Smartphones Get Overheated?

Most smartphones are designed to be small, lightweight, and portable. All of these factors come with a price. Smartphones are made mostly of plastic and metal, which makes them very heat-sensitive. The average smartphone gets overheated when it is used for an extended period of time, such as watching a video or playing a game. Also, we tend to leave the phone on charge continuously, which is also responsible for overheating.

What Happens to a Phone if it Frequently Gets Overheated?

Overheating is a common issue with smartphones, and it can lead to a lot of problems. Your phone may heat up quickly, and the temperature continues to rise until it reaches a point where you can no longer use it. This can happen even if the phone is just sitting in your pocket. If the phone is left on its charger over a long period of time, it can overheat and possibly catch on fire.

If your phone gets overheated, it can cause damage to the device. Overheating can also lead to a loss of data or even a broken screen. Further, overheating can cause the phone to shut down due to a lack of power or become unresponsive. In extreme cases, overheating can lead to a phone explosion.

How To Protect Smartphones from Getting Overheated?

It is not too hard to get your phone to overheat, and it just takes a few minutes in the sun or by a heat source. But it might be hard to cool it down. Hence, you should take measurable precautions to stop it from overheating. Here is what you can do.

Do not charge the phone for long time

If you are charging your phone for an extended period of time, take breaks every now and then. This will prevent the battery from getting too hot and potentially exploding. You should also make sure you have an adequate distance between your charger and you (far enough that there is no risk of overheating).

However, some people may suggest keeping the phone on a charger at all times. This will ensure your device doesn’t overheat from the battery. But the battery should be cooled off before it is removed from the charger, so keep this in mind when you are charging your phone.

Keep your phone out of the sun

Make sure to keep your phone out of direct sunlight, especially when it’s hot outside, and always keep an eye on your battery life. Thus, your phone will remain cool even in scorching sunlight. However, if the phone is uncomfortably hot, don’t hesitate to turn off the device and cool it down. This will help you to reduce the risk of a thermal runaway.

Do not keep your phone in your tight pocket for a long time

If you want to avoid overheating your phone, don’t keep it in your pocket for a long time. Further, if the pocket is too tight and there is no space for air passing, it is dangerous.

Avoid leaving it somewhere with a heat source

This includes leaving it in a hot car or on the dashboard. Make sure you have adequate temperature control for the device. Otherwise, these devices may overheat and cause damage to the battery or components. In extreme cases, it may catch fire too.

Do not use it in a hot environment

This includes using it in extreme heat. If you have to use your phone while working or exercising, take a break every now and then and let the phone cool off. If the temperature is supposed to be above 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 degrees Celsius, the device could damage itself at these temperatures.

Make sure your phone is not unusually hot for its size

If your phone feels warmer than usual, it’s likely that it has overheated and is about to explode. You should immediately turn the phone off. If you can’t turn the device off, remove the battery and place the device in a safe area away from anything flammable.

Be careful when using your phone in high traffic places

If you are at an amusement park or a concert, keep your phone in a pocket for safety reasons. And make sure there are no other sources of heat around you that could damage your phone.

Turn your phone on its side while it is charging

If you are trying to cool down your device, placing it on its side may help. Leaving your phone facing up or down will cause the battery to heat up quicker. It is because the battery will not get enough air if the phone is faced up or down.

Remove Unused Apps

If you have any unused apps in your phone, deleting them can help keep your phone cooler. “Unused” apps can actually drain your battery and make your phone more difficult to use because it is running slower. Deleting these apps can also free up storage space on your phone.

Turn off location services

Most people turn off location services on their phone to conserve battery, but there are some cases where it can actually help keep the phone cooler. By turning off location services, your phone will not constantly be searching for a signal and will use less power. Hence, it will not overheat.

Final Words

In conclusion, there are several causes behind phone overheating issues. In this article we have discussed what to do if your smartphone gets hot frequently. In order to protect your phone, make sure to keep it cool and avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or under heavy loads. Be sure to keep your phone’s battery healthy by calibrating it regularly and keeping it charged up when you’re not using it. And lastly, use a quality case to protect your device from excessive heat. If you can help keep your device running cooler it will last longer.

Source: United News of Bangladesh