People will make movement a success this time: Gayeshwar

BNP senior leader Gayeshwar Chandra Roy on Thursday declared that people will make their ongoing movement a success this time defying all obstacles and repressive acts.


“No obstacle could ever help sustain fascism or dictatorship.No movement can be foiled or stopped by just resorting to tear gas and firing without solving the basic problems of the people, he said.


Talking to reporters after paying homage to their party founder Ziaur Rahman at Sher-e- Bangla Nagar, the BNP leader said it is now visible that common people’s participation in their party’s programmes has marked a rise recently and it will continue to grow in the future.


“A time will come when people will make the movement a success…we’re very optimistic about this,” he said.


Gayeshwar along with the leaders of Zia Mancha, a pro-BNP platform, placed a wreath at Zia’s grave, marking the organisation’s 29th founding anniversary.


He said their party has been carrying out the movement on public issues to mount pressure on the government to resolve people’s problems and lower the prices of essential items.


“The increase in commodity prices is a burden for every family. There is no match between their expenditures and incomes. When the expenditures are increasing the incomes are decreasing gradually. People want to get rid of such sufferings.” the BNP leader observed.

Stating that a mass wave has been created across the country in favour of their movement, he warned that they will resist any type of barriers to the programmes announced by the BNP to restore democracy and people’s rights.


Gayeshwar said the government has no other alternative to quitting power to resolve the country’s current political crisis.


He demanded the government immediately step down and dissolve parliament to create a scope for holding the next polls under a non-party neutral government.


“Our five leaders have already been killed in the current movement. The blood of martyrs is associated with this movement. So, we all are committed to getting success in the movement for paying the blood debt of the martyrs,” the BNP leader said.


He said their party will continue the current movement until the goal is achieved and people’s right to vote is established and an environment for a fair and free election is created.


The BNP leader said the country’s people do not want to see the current regime in power anymore as they lost confidence in it. “So, the fascist government is trying to hang onto power by resorting to attacks, cases, killing and terror acts. Our leaders and activists are putting up resistance whenever they’re facing obstacles. This is a sign of the success of our movement.”


Source: United News of Bangladesh