Passive Income Ideas in Bangladesh in 2021

Imagine if you didn’t have to do anything and still made money. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it's very much real and you can earn money without regular effort through passive income. In the context of Bangladesh, there are quite a few passive earning opportunities. However, not all are geared towards everyone and some even require certain technical skills to get started. In, this article, we will look at the 7 best ways of passive income while staying in Bangladesh.

Active Sources of passive income in Bangladesh

Create Mobile Application

With over 47.5 million active internet users in the country, monetizing your internet skills can be a good source of passive income. One of the internet earning sources that don’t require active labor is making an application for any of the mobile operating platforms.

The limitation here is that you need to be well versed in programming and technical knowledge of app building. A good application can reach a wider demographic for you and that in turn can create a huge revenue stream. Maintenance and updating the application doesn’t require regular effort and you can easily add a significant amount through this income source.

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Affiliate Marketing

Compared to other forms of online passive income, affiliate marketing will provide you with the highest revenue. Considering the pandemic where many people have lost job, this passive income source can even become a primary source for many.

If you have a website, you can start publishing reviews of products from Amazon or other leading e-commerce platforms. You will sign up as an affiliate marketer for these platforms and the more people redirects from your website, the more commission you will earn. If you are willing to put in the initial efforts, this can be a steady and stable passive income source.

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Niche Based Blogging

Blogging is one of the more common and widely used passive income sources not just in Bangladesh but across the globe as well. The technical skills to start a blog are nominal and you can get started with a very little investment. You can focus on a specific niche and create blogs that will attract the customers of that specific niche.

However, this is not a shortcut way to make a passive income. It takes 6 months to a year of regular input for your blog to get significant traffic that will generate revenue for you. There is a requirement for regular content on your blog which is well optimized for the search engines to drive traffic. Once you have gained steady traction it becomes an easy source of perpetual return.

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Selling Your Skills

If you are an expert in a certain topic, you can create guideline e-books or video tutorials on that topic. The pandemic has ushered us more into digital learning and now is the best time to get started on online mentorship. You can sign up for your course at any of the leading skillshare platforms.

The initial effort here is to create the content for the course. After that, as more and more people sign up for your tutorial and content, you stand to generate more and more revenues. And the best part is that there is no limitation to it. You can continue to earn as long as people sign up and if the content is good, there will never be a shortage of clients.

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Rental Opportunities

Perhaps the most common form of passive income around the world is rental income. There are all sorts of rental income opportunities ranging from property to products to vehicles. Renting property is something that is widely seen in Bangladesh. If you own a piece of land or real estate, you can lend or lease it to tenants and create a perpetual income source.

However, the issue with renting property is the significant capital investment. If you don’t already own or inherit property or if you are someone getting started with passive income, it is almost next to impossible to generate the capital required for property ownership. However, there are other rental opportunities of different types that require significantly less capital. This strategy of passive income is best suitable for people who already own a property or have the significant means for acquiring property.

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Investing in Stock

Investing in the stock market is another common passive earning opportunity. It is possible to invest a sum of money in a stock and monitor the growth passively. The earning comes from annual dividends and you can also opt to sell your share at any time as per your preference. You have complete control over your investment and if your invested share does well, you stand to make a good passive income out of it in no time.

However, investing in stock isn’t for everyone mainly due to the risk involved in the process. The stock market is highly volatile and if you are someone who’s getting started with the stock market, it becomes hard for you to assess the trend of the market to understand whether it's going to go up or down. Even the most seasoned investors can lose a hefty sum any given day. The risk factor combined with the initial capital investment requirements often deters people from getting started on the stock market.

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Fixed Deposit in Bank

In contrast to the risk associated with the stock market investment, the fixed deposit or FD is a completely risk-free option for those looking to generate a passive income source. In Bangladesh, the minimum FD starts from 10000 BDT to 50000 BDT and there is no upward limit. Compared to the stocks, the return on FD is much lower but it is an effective and truly passive income source.

Unlike the stocks, there is no risk factor involved and you get a perpetual return starting from 2.5% and going all the way up to 9.0 % depending on the bank. Fixed deposit can be a perfect choice for young professionals and students looking to make a risk-free investment with a perpetual passive income. You can opt for a Fixed deposit starting from 1 year to a maximum of 5 years. A higher year count will result in increased return.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, nothing comes free and even passive income requires some form of intellectual or capital investment. Some are easier compared to others and some even hold risk over your investment. But in general, initiating a passive income source will give you more monetary independence which is always welcomed. The most important thing is to choose the way that can really work for you. Depending on your means, you can choose any of these if you are in Bangladesh and sooner or later you will start seeing returns.

Source: United News of Bangladesh