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Parking on roads should be penalised: LGRD minister

People found parking their vehicles on the road haphazardly, should be punished instantly, said LGRD Minister Md Tajul Islam on Monday.

It is quite common in the city that many shops were set up occupying roads and vehicles were seen parked haphazardly which is the main reason behind traffic congestion, he said.

Tajul revealed this information while speaking at a dialogue on the title of ‘Unbearable tailback: What’s the solution?’ organized by Dhaka Utility Reporter’s Association (DURA) at Dhaka Reporters Unity.

The minister also urged the law enforcement agencies to go tough on it.

Traffic congestion is common in many countries and many of these have managed to reduce it but it is difficult for us, he said adding “We have to identify the problem and search for a solution. Though we are not sitting idle, we are working on it.”

He also urged the authorities concerned to take steps to encourage people to use public transport as the number of private vehicles is increasing gradually.

“It is not possible for one organisation to resolve the traffic jam problems alone and if we work together it can be possible to reach its desired goal. The participation of common people is needed in this regard,” said Tajul.

It is needed to regulate the population in Dhaka city, he also said.

The government is approving a Detailed Area Plan (DAP) and through it Dhaka will be expanded, he added.

Replying to a question on whether any steps would be taken to hand over the traffic management to two city corporations, LGRD minister said “The two city mayors are interested in working more and we want to see whether they have the capacity to manage the traffic system.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh