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Only verified social media accounts represent AL in virtual sphere: Biplab Barua

Barrister Biplab Barua, the ruling Awami League’s office secretary, has said only the verified social media accounts of the party represent Awami League in the virtual sphere.

“There is zero possibility of carrying out any social media activity of the party from any unverified account,” he said on Saturday referring to English editor of Netra News David Bergman’s recent claim in his twitter handle.

Barua said the ID Bergman is referring to is not the official account of Awami League. “He (Bergman) made a hilarious claim.”

A brief tour in the ID mentioned as Awami League Media Cell will suffice for anyone to understand that this is an “unofficial” account, which has nothing to do with the official Twitter activism of Awami League, said the AL leader.

Bergman, the son-in-law of Dr Kamal Hossain, has made a tweet claiming AL’s “media and publicity cell” Twitter handle liked a story shared by Netra News’s official handle.

The AL sources said it is a bizarre show of “unsubstantiated campaign against the AL government and a “fake” Twitter handle “purportedly affiliated with Awami league has been attributed to justify a campaign against Awami League.

Referring a to that unverified account “Media and Publicity Cell Bangladesh Awami League”, Bergman posted on his Twitter “Glad to see the media cell of Bangladesh’s ruling party, the Awami League, liking Netra news story on torture in Bangladesh.”

Before making a claim as such, a journalist should check its authenticity, said Awami League sources, adding that Bergman came to the limelight for his “controversial statements” regarding the war crimes trial.

Source: United News of Bangladesh