Ongenga suffers locust invasion

The community of Omatangela village in the Ohangwena Region’s Ongenga Constituency experienced a swarm of migrant locusts from southern Angola on Saturday afternoon, which was confirmed by Ohangwena Governor Walde Ndevashiya.

In a telephonic interview with Nampa on Sunday, Ndevashiya said the locusts were discovered overnight in the Omatangela area on Saturday.

“The locusts left the village on Sunday morning after I took the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform’s spraying team to the constituency in the morning,” the governor explained, adding that the swarm of locusts left Omatangela moving to the western direction of the region.

Ndevashiya stressed that it is a heavy locust swarm but it left the village without causing severe damage to crop fields or grazing areas as was reported in other regions of the country, where similar swarms were encountered recently.

Oshikoto and the Kavango areas are the Namibian regions also experiencing similar invasions of locusts over the past few weeks.

Source: Namibia Press Agency