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Oli for imposing curfew to contain Covid-19 transmission

Stating that coronavirus has badly spread in the country due to the government’s wrong decisions, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) president Oli Ahmed on Saturday demanded imposing a curfew to contain further transmission of the virus.


In a statement, he also alleged that the government has failed to tackle the crisis caused by coronavirus.


“People were able to travel across the country frequently without any obstacle while the workers could repeatedly go to their village homes and return to their workplaces as the government declared holidays and cancelled those at different times. Overall, the coronavirus has spread in the country thanks to the government’s wrong decisions,” Oli said.


He further said, “If an emergency or curfew had been imposed at an early stage, the coronavirus would never have reached its current stage. There’s still time for strictly imposing a curfew, even for a short time, to prevent further spread of the virus in the country. I think it’s now imperative.”


The LDP chief said though he had repeatedly urged the government to enforce a curfew or an emergency in the past, they did not pay heed to it, creating a scope for the outbreak of the virus across the country.


He also voiced anger over the sufferings of the coronavirus-infected people in getting admission to the hospitals.


“Family members have to run from one hospital to another along with the patients (for having access to treatment). I hope the government will realise the problem,” he observed.


Oli said people should be informed through television regularly about where they can get treatment according to their location.


Source: United News of Bangladesh