Now BNP’s only goal to have Khaleda freed: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Tuesday said their party’s now only goal is to free its ailing chairperson Khaleda Zia from imprisonment.


“Our only goal should be having our leader Khaleda Zia released from jail for restoring democracy in the country…we also have to get rid of the false cases filed against our 35 lakh people and free those who are now in jails,” he said while speaking at a virtual discussion.


The BNP leader called upon all to work together rising above race, religion, colour and party to free the country from the ‘grasp ‘of the current government and ‘restore’ people’s rights.


Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Kalyan Front arranged the programme, marking the eight anniversary of Ramu tragedy.


On the night of September 29, 2012, a mob of religious zealots went on the rampage in Ramu of Cox’s Bazar, leaving 12 temples and monasteries and over 50 houses destroyed. The violence was triggered by a Facebook posting of a photo defaming the holy Quran.


Fakhrul said the Ramu incident was not an isolated one as it depicted the overall political and social situation in Bangladesh. “Now there’s no democracy or constitution in Bangladesh and people belonging to all religions can’t exercise their rights.”


He also alleged that Bangladesh has turned into a fascist state for lack of democracy. “I think the entire world is now going through a bad time as the tendency of depriving the rights of people and repressing them is growing everywhere.”


The BNP leader said Awami League claims that they are the pro-independence force which holds the spirit of independence, but the party snatches people’s rights, including the freedom of expression, whenever it comes to power.


Denouncing the incidents of attacks on minorities and their worship places, including the Ramu one, he said whenever the Awami League has come to power the minority community, including Hindus, have been repressed and their property has been grabbed.


“Awami League plays double standards as it always speaks about protecting the interests of minorities while the minorities are deprived of their rights mostly because of this party leaders and activists during its rule,” he observed.


Source: United News of Bangladesh