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Newborn Baby, Infant Care Tips during Summer

Summers are not easy for anyone, especially when the temperatures are very high. It is really difficult for your newborn baby to bear this high temperature. As a new parent, you are also wondering how you go about keeping your newborn baby cool during the summer. We’re here to help you with the 10 best amazing tips to care for your little angel in this terrible summer.

Why Do Babies Suffer in Summer?

The scorching heat of summer can be dangerous for newborn babies. Summer with its soaring temperatures can bring unbearable woes for your baby. Your baby can experience irritability and discomfort. Your baby can be sweating, its cheeks can be flushed, hair can be damp, and even has a heat rash. So, you need to make sure that your baby is cool and comfortable at all times.

Essential Newborn Baby Care Tips for the Hot Summer Days

Baby’s Diet

As your newborn baby is breastfeeding, ensure to feed them frequently to keep them hydrated. Feed them after 30 minutes or 1 hour. Never let them feel thirsty. So, make sure you feel them before they are crying to eat.

If you are a working mother, you can suck your breast milk for your baby before going outside or you need to consult your doctor to have an alternative way. But remember, there is no alternative to mother’s milk for a newborn baby.


As in the summer season, your baby may sweat, and you need to bathe your baby regularly.

You can bathe your baby 3 or 4 days a week. But, make sure you consult your doctor before making the bathing routine for your baby. Bathing will keep your baby comfortable and help her sleep better.

However, of course, use lukewarm water for bathing your baby, and always check the temperature of the water first before bathing. Make sure you wash your baby’s neck, armpits, and all folds carefully while bathing and dry them immediately just after bathing.

Light Dressing

Let your baby always wear light clothes. It is important to select cotton clothes for your baby for the summer which can breathe. Synthetic clothes are good for babies as they may increase your baby’s discomfort and cause rashes.


Make sure your baby never feels dehydrated. Remember, during summer your baby loses fluids without sweating also. Rapid breathing, restlessness, warm skin, a flushed face, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea are some signs of a baby being dehydrated. So, then you need to breastfeed your newborn baby frequently. However, consult your baby’s doctor if you feel something serious.

Prevent Heat Rashes

The most common issue amongst babies in the summer is heat rashes. So, make sure you cook your baby always. For this, you can put two spoons of sandalwood powder in their bathwater. Applying talcum powder also makes the baby cool. Don’t forget to change diapers if they are uncomfortable. Make sure your baby wears loose clothes.

Try to stay indoors

Try to keep your baby indoors. If you can keep your baby indoors, you can save them from the heat and ultimately can avoid heat rashes. If it is really necessary to go outside with your baby, try to avoid stepping out between 10 am to 2 pm because at these times the sun rays are the harshest.

Remember, a baby’s skin is sensitive to the sun’s rays. Before stepping make sure to wear your baby light-colored clothes and prefer a full-sleeve shirt and pants. Carrying an umbrella can also protect you and your baby. Don’t carry your baby for a long time in a sling or a baby carrier because this makes babies very hot and sweaty.

Oil massage

Any light oil massaging for your baby during summers can give them comfort. So, massage your baby with light oil at least 2 times a day. However, never forget to wash it off well while bathing. If there is excessive oil in your baby’s skin, it might block the sweat glands. Take time to massage your baby with oil. You can give them light exercise while massaging.

Protect from mosquitoes & Bugs

Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading diseases such as malaria and dengue. So. make sure you save your baby from them. Ways are available to protect your baby from mosquitoes. Firstly, you can do it by using a mosquito net.

Besides, you can use organic mosquito repellent. Bugs also always disturb your baby. So, make sure you keep your baby protected from mosquitoes and bugs.

Moreover, keep your house mosquitoes and bugs free. Naturally, mosquitoes build their house in the air cooker, so regularly clean and change its water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Furthermore, make sure your house and surrounding area are free from any stagnant water.

Maintain the Right Room Temperature

As most of the time, your baby needs to stay in the room, make sure you maintain the right room temperature. Many parents do not know the reason for their baby’s cold and illness. But you need to be careful with your baby. A little bit of air conditioning cannot hurt your baby and the perfect temperature is 25°C. You can also use an air cooler but you need to ensure it is clean.

Consult a Doctor if Necessary

Don’t forget to consult a doctor if you feel something serious happening to your baby. When your baby is displaying symptoms of dehydration or rash consult a doctor. When you see that your baby is really struggling with the heat and it is in a lot of distress, immediately give your medical treatment otherwise it could create another issue altogether.

Bottom Line

Babies feel discomfort but they don’t tell, just display some signs of their discomfort. So, you need to be careful about their reaction. Don’t delay consulting a doctor if something is urgent. We have shared several effective tips to care infant and newborn babies in summer. These tips will help you to keep your babies cool and comfortable in the scorching heat of the hot summer days. Share this article with your nearest one to keep their babies safe during summer.