‘Nagad Islamic’ guarantees Islamic life management

This Islamic account of Nagad, the mobile financial service of the postal department, has been operating under the complete supervision of the Shariah monitoring committee.

Customers can easily manage their funds in an interest-free and Shariah-compliant manner, thus preserving their religious values and provisions through this Islamic account.

Customers interested in this service have easily converted their regular Nagad account into an Islamic account. In order to make the transition, customers have to click on the ‘My Nagad’ option in the Nagad app and then click on the ‘Nagad Islamic’ option as the type of account.

If the Nagad app turns green, a customer will realize that his or her account has been successfully converted to an Islamic account. Customers are enjoying all the services of the free account in just a few seconds from the conveniences of their home.

Rahel Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer of Nagad, said, “Many devout citizens were excluded from the financial system due to a lack of reliable and trustworthy Shariah-compliant services. This ‘Nagad Islamic’ account is for that religious Muslim community that has been operating in a transparent, reliable and fully Islamic manner.”

“We will continue to work hard to expand this service,” he added.

Nagad Islamic account has already gained traction among Muslim customers. Customers save their hard-earned money in the account without any interest as it is governed by Shariah principles. Moreover, customers are digitally paying their Zakat and making all donations instantly.

Devout Muslims can easily pay for expenses, including for Hajj and Umrah travel through this account. As a result, the suffering of the pilgrims is coming to an end and the fund management during their travel is becoming easier.

Source: United News of Bangladesh