Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Best Presents for the Best Person You Know

On Mother’s Day, a small gift from the child is enough to be an invaluable asset to the Mom. However, no gift in the world is equivalent to the love of the mother in terms of value. Materialistically, the gift is nothing but a tangible object. But the main thing here is the love carried on its back. Let’s get to know some great gifts to surprise Mom on this special day.

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift ideas to Make Mom Feel Special

The Food She Loves

The best way to express emotions to Mom is to make her favorite food and feed her. It may be a lunch item or a snack in the afternoon. It can also be a dessert item or a cocktail that is not made at home very often. It can be prepared on the previous night without telling Mom. Then it can be finally brought out to Mom the next day to surprise her.

Even the food making can be done along with Mom in the kitchen. In this way, a great time can be spent with Mother and the chef mother will be very happy.

Favorite Book

Bookaholic mothers will find it very joyful if the gift is all about the kind of books they usually read. The link between the human relationship and their comfort zone with reading books is heavenly.

Most book loving people customarily read at a specific time of their day and then get lost in their imaginary world. And if the book comes from their children, it can be even more valuable. If your beloved mother has a reading habit don’t forget to give her books.

Kitchen Appliance

A housewife mother spends most of the day in the kitchen. She gets more pleasure by feeding every family member than by eating herself. So the gift of any appliance that helps in cooking will not only be a surprise for her, she will be able to contemplate more in her cooking work.

The kitchen attachments like rice cookers, oven, and blender can make it easier to do exhausting tasks. Not just for the housewife Moms, these gifts can also be a proper choice for working mothers.


No matter how expensive the gift is; it will be worthless to the mother’s love. Even then, these gifts can be an appropriate attempt to squeeze their own hard work and hard-earned earnings into the love of the mother. These may be the ornaments that the mother uses in the earrings every day.

Any of these ornaments embellished with diamonds can be given to the mother. This may be the best gift for the most beautiful woman in the world in the eyes of a child.

Saree for Mom

Saree is associated with the traditions and cultures of Bengali women. This saree is the undisputed symbol of women’s beauty and nobility on any occasion of Bengali culture. This beauty index can be used to beautify the grace of Mother.

A son or daughter can go shopping with his or her Mother and buy the Saree of her favorite color. Or, the child can buy it without telling the mother in advance and surprise her on Mother’s Day. Besides expressing love, this gift from her child will uplift the spirit of the mother. Wearing the Saree mother will feel joy with absolute satisfaction.

gift ideas for mothers

Life of a Mother (Representational Image: Collected)

Flower Plant

One of the favorite activities of mothers is decorating the house. From the verandah to the various parts of the house, every part of the house is mixed with the touch of the mother. The flowering plant is one of the most common beautification products. If your mother loves flower and decoration than you may choose these gifts on this special day.

Whether it’s a showpiece or an artificial flower or a real flower in a small pot; the decoration of that flowering plant along with other furniture of the house creates a wonderful environment. And your beloved mother can make it possible with her aesthetic craft.

Watching Favorite TV Show Together

After the evening, Mothers love watching their favorite TV shows. It goes without saying that there is no place for their entertainment in the middle of doing all the house chores. Even after that, as much as the leisure they get, mothers usually spend their free time watching dramas or reality shows.

But when her loving son and daughter is a partner, the mother’s joy seems to multiply. A festive atmosphere is created instantly when the whole family watches any TV program together. Why don’t you try this on mother’s day and make the best person of your life happy.

Daily Used Cosmetics and Supplements

It is the child’s duty to observe whether mother is taking proper care of her skin. With age, the tendency of mothers to use such cosmetics decreases. But still mothers need some cosmetics. A variety of cosmetics, including mother’s daily combs, oils, perfumes, and creams, can be a great gift pack for the mother. These cosmetics are not just gifts from the child; rather these products will also inspire the mother to take care of her own body.

It is behooved upon the children to encourage their mother to take care of her health. Consulting with doctor, you can buy necessary vitamins and supplements of mother which will be beneficial for her health. You can also give her home excersing gadgets as per doctor’s suggestion.

Video or Photo Album

Every mother loves to show every photo of her child’s growth to her relatives. Sometimes mothers watch those photos and videos in their free times and feel blessed for raising family.

The video or photo album of some of the best moments spent with the child can multiply this happiness. Gifts can be given by recording the wonderful moments spent with the mother during family times like birthdays, traveling, the arrival of a special guest at home, etc.

In addition, the mother’s response can be recorded at different times after the child’s special achievements. Then showing the video or pictures to the mother after many days can give birth to an unforgettable moment.

Decorating the House with Favorite Things

The mother may be surprised to see the house tidy and decorated with all her favorite things. As the children get older, the mother’s preferences are replaced by their own preferences. At one point she starts to forget what she liked a long time ago. It is very difficult to collect the lost drawing book of her childhood, great achievements of her education, favorite show-pieces, Wal-Mat, etc. So the father and grandparents can help the children in this regard.

In A Word

So far, we have suggested some of the best gifts for moms on the mother’s day. People who stay away from their mothers for various reasons including work feel their mothers the most. On the other hand, those who constantly see their mothers in front of their eyes often forget to do something special for them.

Mother’s Day celebration can be a means to awaken the consciousness of that duty. It may not be possible to repay the mother’s debt with this small effort, but the smile that will appear on the mother’s face when she is surprised will be the attainment of life for any child.

Source: United News of Bangladesh