Mizan Malik’s song released on Youtube

The ‘Kheya’ song is one of the most remarkable songs of Mizan Malik written during the Corona period.

Singer of the song is Kamruzzaman Rabbi, lyric- Mizan Malik, tune- Khaled Munna, music- Zahid Bashar Pankaj.

In this song, on one hand, the sense and theory of life has emerged, on the other hand, at the end of the day, people are alone and it is not easy to do the accounts- an indescribable pain has been revealed (through this song). One might even say the song 'Kheya' is life-oriented. And one might find a wail of time passing from life through this song.

Writer Mizan Malik said about the song 'Kheya', “We have become accustomed to listening to commercial songs. I am writing songs about various aspects of life outside the so-called commercial genre. Yes, there is entertainment, as well as thought. Basically, I want to create a new genre of song”.

Kamruzzaman Rabbi, the artist of the song 'Kheya' said, “Mizan Malik Bhai's writing style is an exception. He writes songs of the time. Writes songs of life. I feel good about being able to sing his songs. I can promise, the ‘Kheya’ song will appeal to people of all ages, starting with teenagers. His other songs those I’ve sung have different tastes”.

Mizan Malik’s first written song was ‘Matobad’ amid Covid-19 pandemic. This song is sung by star artist Rabi Chowdhury. He also said, “In addition to the 'Kheya' song, some of my exceptional songs will be released soon”.

Source: United News of Bangladesh