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Militancy has no place in Bangladesh: Home Minister

Home Minister Assaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Sunday said that militancy has no place in Bangladesh as the government put down the menace successfully with cooperation from cross-section of people.

He was addressing at the unveiling of the cover of a book titled 'Extremism and Terrorism through the Eyes of Islam' compiled by the Anti-Terrorism Unit (ATU), a specialized unit of the Bangladesh Police, at Rajarbagh Police Auditorium on Sunday.

He also said that the students of General Madrasa, Qaumi Madrasa also stood with banners denouncing militancy.

Chaired by Additional IG of Anti-Terrorism Unit Md Kamrul Ahsan, the event was also addressed by Senior Secretary of Public Security Division under the Home Ministry Md. Akhtar Hossain, Inspector General of Police Benazir Ahmed, Sholakia Eidgah Maidan Grand Imam Shaikhul Islam Allama Farid Uddin Masood.

The home minister said the law enforcement agencies are on guard against the elements who are still conspiring to turn Bangladesh into a failed state.

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Militancy has no place in Bangladesh: Home Minister

He said moves are underway across the world to label Islam as a religion of extremism and terrorism. But the evil efforts failed in Bangladesh.

Kamal pointed out that several devout Muslim countries, including Syria, have suffered a lot because of these elements.

The Home Minister said that the Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit and later the Anti-Terrorism Unit (ATU) were formed to deal with the challenges of militancy.

He said that Bangladesh is capable of proving to the whole world it is not a bigoted state. That is why Bangladesh did not turn into Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, he said.

He suggested translation of the book 'Extremism and Terrorism in the Eyes of Islam' in all other languages saying, everyone will then understand that Islam is a religion of peace and extremism and terrorism have no place here.

Additional IGs, senior police officers, prominent Islamic thinkers and guests were present at the function.

The newly launched book has highlighted the important issues of 44 widely discussed and debated topics, starting from the introduction of Islam to Jihad. A group of 15 eminent scholars, researchers, professors and khatibs were involved in the editorial board of the book. Shaikhul Islam Allama Farid Uddin Masood served as the chief editor. The book was written, composed and compiled by Mufti Sadruddin Maknoon and Maulana Miraz Rahman.

Source: United News of Bangladesh