Mango harvesting to begin from May 15 in Rajshahi

The Rajshahi district administration fixed May 15 to begin mango harvest this year with the Guti variety.

The harvest date for harvesting Gopalbhog has been fixed from May 20; Ranipasand and Laxmanbhog from May 25; Khirsapat or Himsagar from May 28; Lengra from June 6; Amrapali, Fazli and Surma Fazli from June 15; and Ashwina and Ashwina-4 varieties from July 10.

A meeting at the DC office decided on the dates on Thursday.

Strict action will be taken against harvesting unripe mangoes. The administration and police will monitor the harvesting procedures strictly.

However, due to the change in weather, if mango ripens in any area before the stipulated time, farmers will be able to harvest them after informing the concerned upazila administration.

Rajshahi Deputy Commissioner Md Abdul Jalil said that the harvesting of unripe mangoes was stopped in the last few years by fixing the date of harvest.

"Besides, we’ve managed to convince our customers that no chemicals are used to ripen mangoes in Rajshahi," he said.

On the other hand, unripe mangoes are falling down from the trees due to continuous heatwaves sweeping across the district.

While talking to UNB, many farmers expressed concerns about not achieving the expected yield this year.

However, the agriculture department has assured that although surplus production might not be achievable this year, there is no doubt about reaching the target.

Source: United News of Bangladesh