Maleka Khans book on Jamdani heritage launched at Natl Museum

Noted heritage and craft researcher folk enthusiast and author Maleka Khans new book titled 'Jamdani: A World Class Tradition of Bangladesh was nunveiled at Bangladesh National Museum on Monday.

State Minister for Cultural Affairs KM Khalid joined the launching ceremony at the Sufia Kamal auditorium as the chief guest. Former Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University AAMS Arefin Siddique and DU Political Science Professor Dr Rounaq Jahan also joined the ceremony as special guests.

Presided over by Tasmima Hossain editor of Daily Ittefaq and publisher of fortnightly magazine 'Ananya the book launching ceremony was also attended by Jamdani craftsman Abul Kashem whom the author Maleka Khan referred to a journeyman of Dhakai Jamdani and shed light on how he passed on this tradition to a new generation for ages.

Lauding author Maleka Khans book state minister KM Khalid said If we talk about the heritage of Bangladesh the Jamdani weaving industry has to be named with profound respect and honor which has brought honor for us globally. Though many of our traditional crafts such as the Muslin has been destroyed for various reasons the water of Shitalakhya river and the creative weavers of Sonargaon are still perceiving Jamdani with love and care and I thank Maleka for shedding the lights on the crafts and its craftsmen.

This is one of the most informative and complete books ever written on the Jamdani industry similar to the authors previous publication on 'Nakshi kantha another traditional handloom of Bangladesh state minister Khalid added praising the authors journey to describe the heritage of the country.

The state minister also said that the Ministry of Cultural Affairs has always been patronizing the Jamdani industry and is committed to providing necessary cooperation and patronage in the future. In addition to that he promised the ministry will provide adequate support to promote this exclusive publication furthermore through the National Library and send it to Bangladesh missions abroad.

Featuring the history of the Jamdani the weavers and their socioeconomic status the 240 page book contains a special 111 page photo album and important English translations.

Source: United News of Bangladesh