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Lockdown: 60,000 people register for movement pass

Sixty-thousand applicants have registered for the movement pass until Tuesday evening, a police clearance which will be needed to travel during the strict lockdown that begins Wednesday.

Around 30,000 passes have been issued by 6:30pm, said sources at the Police Headquarters. Since the launching of the app, around 600,000 applications visited the site for the pass, it said.

Among them, around 60,000 completed registration by that time.

Inspector General of Police Benazir Ahmed inaugurated the movement pass app.

“Five thousand applications have been submitted in just one hour. Anyone planning to go outside Dhaka will require the pass,” the police chief said.

Conditional permission will be granted for a specified period of time.

Who’re eligible for movement pass

According to Police Headquarters, the pass will be required to go out during lockdown in case of emergency.

People going for official work, getting Covid-19 vaccine jab, grocery shopping, going to kitchen markets and medicine shops are eligible for the pass.

Those going to receive medical services, joining agricultural works, goods transportation, supply, relief materials supply, burial or cremation activities among others, will also require the pass.

How to apply for movement pass

A pass can be used once. People will need separate passes every time they travel during the lockdown.

To register, one has to visit, and put his or her mobile phone number. They will be redirected to a page where one has to enter her/his date of birth.

From there, the applicant will be redirected to another page where detailed information will have to be entered.

Necessary information

People need to enter their name, gender, age, reason for movement, date and time of movement, information about vehicles and their photo.

However, all are not allowed to have the pass. Only those who have emergency reasons for movement will be granted it.

The government is going to enforce a nationwide strict lockdown on Wednesday to curb the Coronavirus transmission.

Source: United News of Bangladesh