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Leaving before Lockdown

A large number of homebound people were seen gathering at railway station and bus terminals as the government announced 7-day countrywide lockdown from Monday.

Commuters fearing suspension of public transport crowding at the bus and launch terminals amid the risk of Coronavirus transmission.

Excessive pressure transports was seen on the highway causing long tailbacks.

Leaving before Lockdown

The concourse at Kamalapur Railway Station waiting for tickets.

Bangladesh recorded 7,087 fresh Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours until Sunday morning which is the highest number of infections since the pandemic began.

Besides, the coronavirus fatalities rose to 9,266 with 53 new deaths during the period. The mortality rate fell to 1.45 on Sunday from Saturday’s 1.46 percent.

Leaving before Lockdown

While buses have been made to seat passengers in a staggered pattern, no such restriction seems to apply for trains, where every seat on both sides of the aisle was filling up fast, as it prepared to leave Kamalapur. Compared to the station, mask uptake in this bogey was filling up every seat available Commuters travel on a train without following social distance amid the fear Covid-19 transmission.

The Cabinet Division issued the gazette announcing the lockdown on Sunday which will remain in force from 6 am on April 5 till 12 am on April 11.

According to the gazette, all modes of public transport (road, river, rail and domestic flights) will remain suspended during the period.

All government offices, non-government, autonomous, private offices and court will be allowed to carry limited number of employees with their own transports to perform emergency duties.

Leaving before Lockdown

A long tailback is seen on the road in Amulia area of Demra, near one of the capital's exit points, due to excessive pressure of vehicles carrying homebound people leaving town before the lockdown enters into force.

Industries and factories will remain open and the ongoing construction works will continue.

UNB Photo journalist captured photo of homebound people at Kamalapur Railway Station and Amulia area of Demra on Sunday.

Source: United News of Bangladesh