Khuniadighee testifies to Pakistan’s genocide on Bangalees

RANGPUR Khuniadighee, a water body in village

Bhandara under Ranisonkoil upazila of Thakurgaon bears the mark of genocide

on unarmed Bangalees carried out by Pakistan army in 1971 as its dazzling

white water turned red by the blood of 3,000 martyrs.

Pakistan occupation forces during the nine-month of the War of Liberation

used to kill the innocent Bangalee people by unleashing ruthless atrocities

in nearby torture cams and dump their bodies in the water of 'Khuniadighee'

named in the memories of martyrs soon after the independence.

The water of 'Khuniadighee' still testifies to the massacre of around 3,000

freedom fighters and local people committed by Pakistani forces on this soil

as silent witness.

The historic killing site is located one-kilometre away from the torture

camps of the then Pakistani occupation army at Ranisonkoil Thana and

Ranisonkoil Government Primary School.

The Pakistan army used to catch innocent Bangalees, irrespective of caste,

creed and religion, from different areas, and torture them to death in the

camps and dumped the bodies into the 'Khuniadighee' water, turning it red due

to dumping bleeding bodies of the martyred Bangalees, local freedom fighters


After the War of Liberation, the local people named the water body as

'Khuniadighee' in the memory of martyrs to make their reminiscences alive in

people's heart.

Freedom Fighter Sirajul Islam said hundreds of female were also subjected to

torture and molestation eventually brace martyrdom by the atrocities of

Pakistan army personnel in the different torture and concentration camps set

up in the area and their bodies were dumped into the water of Khuniadighee .

He said, he along with his fellow freedom fighters, recovered some 1,500

human skulls from the 'Khuniadighee' water in 1972 after the War of


An investigation team came from Dhaka and took some skulls and other bones

as samples at that time, he added.

While narrating the genocides committed by the occupation forces at

'Khuniadighee' in 1971, eyewitnesses Mohiuddin Ahmed Lalu of Ranisonkoil

upazila town and Faizul Haque and Takbir Ali of Bhandara village became

emotional as tears were rolling down their cheeks.

They reminded that the Ranisonkoil army camp was a fearful torture camp and

the occupation forces used to bring innocent people and freedom fighters

there from Thakurgaon, Panchagarh, Dinajpur, Nilphamari districts and other


After bringing the captives there, the occupation forces inhumanly tortured

and killed them and threw the bodies into the 'Khuniadighee' water.

Recalling barbaric atrocities committed against the humanity by the

Pakistani forces and their collaborators, they estimated that some 3,000

innocent Bangalees were killed and their bodies were thrown into the water


The government of Independent Bangladesh has constructed a monument on the

bank of 'Khuniadighee' in the memory of martyrs.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)