Karkuma Immune Plus boosts type-2 diabetic patients’ immunity by 27percent: DU-BIRDEM study


Dhaka University's Institute of Nutrition and Food Science and BIRDEM recently published the report "Effects of 'Karkuma Immune Plus' (A turmeric-based formulated functional food) on Oxidative Stress, Antioxidant and Liver Function Status in type-2 Diabetic Adult Patients."

The findings of the report indicate that the particular turmeric-based formulated functional food has the potential to improve the immune system by increasing antioxidants and reducing the oxidative stress in the cellular level of type-2 diabetic patients without any side effects.

Principal investigator of the research was Khaleda Islam, professor and director of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Science of Dhaka University.

National Professor AK Azad Khan, president of the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, revealed the research findings at BIRDEM General Hospital on January 28.

Khaleda said: "Karkuma Immune Plus boosts type-2 diabetic patient's immunity by 27 percent. Type-2 diabetic patients are more prone to other diseases than different patients or healthy people. This functional food will help a healthy person more by increasing their immunity level."

BIRDEM and DU conducted the research to evaluate the efficacy of Karkuma Immune Plus on oxidative stress, antioxidant, liver and kidney function status in type-2 diabetic adult patients. Ninety-four Volunteers who participated in the study aged 18-60 years.

After observing the participants for 30 days, the researchers found that the biomarker of oxidative stress (MDA) level decreased by about 23 percent, and the level of antioxidants (TAC, SOD and GSTM1) increased by 45 percent, 63 percent and 58 percent.

Also, liver function biomarkers (Serum SGPT and SGOT) and kidney function biomarker (Serum Creatinine) levels remained almost the same.

These findings indicate that Karkuma Immune Plus helps improve the immune system and reduce the oxidative stress of type-2 diabetic patients without any side effects, the researchers said.

Source: United News of Bangladesh