iPhone 14: Cheapest in which countries?

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 14 at their September event. The new phone features emergency satellite connectivity and car crash detection technology. The company released four versions (iPhone 14, 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max) of the new handset at their headquarters in Cupertino. All these variations come with different storage capabilities and features. Hence, the price is also different.


The base price of the iPhone 14 is $799 in the USA, while the maximum price will be around $1,600 for the 14 Pro Max. If you want to buy from other countries, you will need to spend a bit more depending on the tax and conversion rate. Let’s look at which countries’ iPhone 14 models are the cheapest.


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9 Countries to Buy Cheapest iPhone 14 from


The iPhone is a dream phone for many, especially for those who live outside the USA. People often buy iPhones from a country where they can get it at a cheaper price. If you’re excited about the latest iPhone 14, you can try buying it from the following countries.




In the United States, iPhones are usually cheaper than other countries. There are a number of reasons for this, but the two most important are no import duties, and it is a US-based company.


Economies of scale also play a role in making the iPhone cheaper in the US. Apple is able to produce more iPhones in the US than it can in other countries due to the greater demand and availability of manufacturing resources. As a result, Apple is able to spread the cost of production over a larger number of units, resulting in lower prices for consumers.


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For all these reasons, you can get the cheapest iPhone 14 in the USA for $799. So, if you can buy it from the USA, the price will be BDT 83,458 ($1= BDT 104.45). The iPhone 14 Pro Max will cost $999, which is BDT 1,04,349.55 ($1= BDT 104.45).




Canada is another cheapest country to get an iPhone 14. You can get it for CAD 1099. So, if you can bring it from Canada to Bangladesh, you can get it for BDT 87,047 (CAD 1= BDT 79.20). The iPhone 14 Pro is priced at CAD 1,399 in Canada, which will cost you BDT 1,10,812.87 (CAD 1= BDT 79.20).


Hong Kong


The iPhone 14’s price in Hong Kong is comparatively less in Hong Kong than in Bangladesh. You can buy an iPhone 14 for HK$6,899 which will be BDT 91,816.10 (HK$1 = BDT 13.31). For the 14 Max you will need to spend HK$ 8,599 which is equivalent to BDT 1,14,440.73 (HK$1 = BDT 13.31).


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Since Singapore is a technology-oriented country, you can expect an iPhone 14 at a lower price there. The buying price will be S$1,299 for 14, which is BDT 96,384.37 (S$1 = BDT 74.24). On the other hand, the 14 Pro will be S$1649 or BDT 1,22,353.98 (S$1 = BDT 74.24).




The iPhone 14 will cost A$1,399 which is equivalent to BDT 98,547.19 (A$1 = BDT 70.44). But, if you want to buy 14 Pro from Australia, it will cost you A$ 1,749 or BDT 1,23,201.60 (A$1 = BDT 70.44). With these


With this price, you may also get AppleCare+, which provides extended warranty coverage and 24/7 technical support. When you factor in all of these features and benefits, the price of the iPhone 14 Pro starts to look a lot more reasonable.


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The United Arab Emirates is another cheap option for buying an iPhone. The iPhone 14 is priced at AED 3,399 in UAE. That being said, you can buy it for BDT 96,659.27 (AED 1= BDT 28.44) in Emirates. For the iPhone 14 Pro the price is AED 4,299 or BDT 1,22,253.07 (AED 1= BDT 28.44).




Apart from the official Apple store, you can also buy iPhones from other local retail stores too. In general, Malaysian retailers offer a significant discount on new phones, making it possible to find a device for hundreds of dollars less than the retail price in other countries.


However, for the newly launched iPhones, you will not get any benefits from local retailers. iPhone 14 will cost RM 4,199 or BDT 96,714.98 (RM 1 = BDT 23.13) in Malaysia. 14 Pro is priced at RM 5,299, which will be 1,22,051.12 in Bangladeshi Taka.


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Japan is also a cheap option to buy an iPhone, which you may not think of. The iPhone 14 will cost 1,19,800 Japanese Yen which is BDT 87,204.07 (1 Japanese Yen = BDT 0.73). On the other hand, the iPhone 14 Pro will cost 149,800 Japanese Yen or BDT 109041.49 (1 Japanese Yen = BDT 0.73).




Since India is a neighboring country, we tend to buy gadgets from India. However, buying an iPhone from India will not be a good idea compared to the countries we have mentioned above. Indian should be your last option.


Although India is an Asian country and income is less than first world countries, the iPhone is not cheaper here. iPhone 14 will cost ₹79,900.00 which is BDT 1,04,670.45 (₹1 = BDT 1.31). For the 14 Pro, you will need to pay ₹129900.00 or BDT 1,70,171.36. (₹1 = BDT 1.31).


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Final Words


If you are looking to buy an iPhone 14 in Bangladesh, you may need to pay 1 Lac Taka or more than that. That’s why buying from other countries will be cheaper. Just ordering and paying online will not get you the iPhone 14 at a cheap cost from other countries as you need to pay shipping costs and taxes.


So, in that case, you are paying a high cost. That’s why it will be best if you can bring through any friend or relative who is coming to Bangladesh. They can carry at least one iPhone without paying tax in Bangladesh. Thus, you can just pay them according to the exchange rate. This process will save you a lot of money.


So far, we have mentioned 9 countries where you can buy iPhone 14 at the lowest price ranges. Please note that all the prices we have mentioned here are for the 128GB versions. For 256GB or more, you need to visit the respective Apple website to know the actual price.


Source: United News of Bangladesh