IPDC Finance Ltd wins Intellectual Property Protection Award 2021

IPDC Finance Limited has been awarded Intellectual Property Protection Award 2021 for its contribution to protect and present Bangla Folk music to the youth.

The award was announced in an online seminar on the importance of copyright on protecting intellectual property to celebrate International Copyright Day organized by the Bangladesh Copyright Office, according to a press release.

State minister for the Ministry of Cultural Affairs K M Khaled was present as the guest. Managing Director, and CEO of IPDC Mominul Islam represented IPDC Finance.

Cultural Affairs secretary M Badrul Arefin, Department of Patent, Design & Trademarks secretary Md. Abdus Sattar, additional secretary of Ministry of Cultural Affairs and president of copyright board Shabiha Pervin and registrar Bangladesh Copyright Office Jafor Raja Chowdhury also attended the program.

The ministry has taken this initiative to attract creative personalities, intellectuals, eminent artistes, writers, and those closely involved in creative activities in the education and research profession.

IPDC has been awarded for its cautious effort of preventing the oblivious extinction of folk music and rekindle admiration among the younger generation.

"With IPDC Amader Gaan, we have taken the initiative; however, our culture is glorious. I invite all to come forward and enrich this native culture. As we are economically advancing, our culture will be an asset for us; we must preserve it,” said MD and CEO of IPDC Finance Moninul Islam

To promote Bangladeshi folk music globally, IPDC Finance Limited created a virtual platform, 'IPDC Amader Gaan,' in September last year.

Since its inception, the platform has released nine folk songs on its YouTube channel with the same title.

The platform exclusively features diverse musical influences and offers studio-recorded performances by promising singers of the country.

Penned by several mystic bards, including Fakir Lalon Shah, Shah Abdul Karim, and Palli Kabi Jasimuddin, several covers received unparalleled popularity.

The channel alone has got 10M+ views, while the total views of the songs of 'IPDC Amader Gaan' on different channels of Youtube and Facebook have exceeded 100M.

Source: United News of Bangladesh