Intelligence agencies to identify Hefazat financers: Minister

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Wednesday said intelligence agencies are trying to identify the financers of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh.

“Intelligence agencies are working to identify those who provide financial support to Hefazat. We’ve got some information about them, but we don't want to disclose that now. We’ll inform you once the investigation is over,” the Home Minister said while talking to reporters at his Dhanmondi residence on Wednesday.

The Home Minister said: “Everything – where’s the money coming from and how much is coming to whose account -- will be dug out through the investigation.”

The Home Minister went on saying, "As per our investigation, Hefazat-e-Islam carried out violence with an aim to repeat the incident of Shapla Chattar it unleashed in 2013."

“They certainly had a political ambition. Our law enforcement agencies are investigating various secret activities of the organisation,” Asaduzzaman Khan said.

He said that the constitution of Hefazat-e-Islam clearly states that they will not be involved in any political issue and remain above politics. “But we’ve noticed that identified terrorists and militants have become involved in politics and creating a volatile situation in the country.”

Asked about Hefazat Ameer Babunagari, who was sued but no action has been taken yet against him, the minister said, “There was a case filed against Babunagari in 2013. He was arrested at that time and later he was released on bail. I can share with you after having an idea about the status of the case.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh