Instability in onion price as import declines through Hili land port

A recent decline of onion import from India through Hili land port has raised the retail price to Tk 10-12 per kg and wholesale price to Tk 14-15 per in the market.

Indian Nashik onion was being sold at Tk 44-46 which was being sold at Tk 35-36 per kg just two days ago, and Indore onion price rose to Tk 40 per kg from Tk 30-32 at retail market in Hili land port area on Saturday.

Meanwhile the price of local onions hiked Tk 10 and is being sold at Tk 58-60 per Kg now.

As the onion import is lower than the demand in the market hence the price rose, said Moinul Sheikh and Ferdous Hossain, two traders of the market.

However, they said the price may decline soon after the import goes back to normal.

Last week 25-30 trucks of Onion had been imported from India but this week it declined to 18-20 trucks , said Sohrab Hossain Mallik, PRO of Panama Hili Port, a private operator of the land port .

He said, “On Thursday 571 MT of onion entered from India in 21 trucks and the import remained uninterrupted on Saturday.”

Harun-Ur-Rashid, president of the importer-exporter group of the port said,” As import has declined and onion price in India has increased, currently the price is a bit high in the market. It will lower with the escalation of imports.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh