Induction Cooker price in Bangladesh with Buying Tips

Nowadays, the modern kitchen has been adapting the newest technologies one by one. The first induction stove came into the market in 1970, and since then, the tool has seen updates over the last 50 years. And it becomes a part of our modern kitchen for many reasons. Let's discuss the induction cooker benefits, buying guide, and price ranges in Bangladesh.

Benefits of an induction cooker

The induction cooker is significantly more efficient than most of the traditional cooking methods. It can reduce energy consumption by up to 70% and utilize the maximum energy produced by the cooker. Nevertheless, the food cooks faster while using less power. Besides, it does not use gas and becomes safer to use. Alternatively, we have a gas problem in the urban part of Bangladesh. So, an induction cooker comes in handy when there is no gas supply or has low gas speed. If you use cylinder gas, you may switch to induction to save money as well as energy.

While the cooker heats up faster, it also cools down quickly too. So, it makes the chef's and cooks' life easier, especially when it comes to cooking creative dishes. Moreover, an induction cooker keeps the kitchen cooler as it only heats when a pan or pot is kept on the surface. So, instead of heating all the time, it will just utilize cooking time only. Further, the energy remains in the pan or cooking pot, which ensures that the heat will not spread in the surrounding area.

Induction cooker buyer guide

If you are a new chef or cook and want to buy a new induction cooker, you should follow some guidelines to buy the best cooker for your kitchen. Hence, the following guideline will surely help you out to choose the correct one.

Cooktop size

The cooker comes with a variety of cooktops from 1 to 5 induction zones. However, a single zoned top is very common as it is cheaper. So, if you want to multitask in one induction cooker, you may choose a cooker with multiple cooktops. Therefore, it is essential to know your cooking load before going shopping.

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Control panel

A control planer can help to control the power setting, temperature, and other things related to cooking. However, most of the cookers come with a default setting, while some models may offer a customizable control panel. The panel may come in different categories, for instance, knob control, button, and touch.

Temperature/ power setting

Temperature and power settings give you the opportunity to control your cooking. Hence, you can set up the temperature according to the items.


Induction cookers come in a variety of sizes and designs. So, it totally depends on personal choice. You may check out different brands and models to choose the perfect design you are looking for.

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Best induction cooker in Bangladesh

With the amid gas problem in many parts of Dhaka city as well as other parts of the country, people tend to buy induction cookers. Hence, we have listed a few induction cookers you may choose for your daily cooking.

Hawkins Gold Induction Cooker

Hawkins Gold is designed to work faster on 2200-watt energy and saves energy up to 85%. It works via thermal energy, which is generated via induction. It supports using one pot at a time. Hawkins Gold comes with four digital led displays and 8 temperature & power control. Besides, it can shut off the pot if it is overweight or even empty. It is priced at between Tk. 2,300- 3,000.

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Prestidge Induction Cooker

Prestidge is one of the top brands for the Induction cooker. It can be powered up by the 2000 watt and give a fast-heating response. The 4 digital display sensor touch control makes the kitchen life easier than ever. The 5mm high 32*39cm sized tempered glass can hold a heavy pot on the top. This particular model of Prestidge cooker features a 3-hour timer setting with a VDE plug. It costs around Tk. 2,600.

Miyako Induction Cooker TC-R3

Miyako is a known brand for kitchen appliances. Miyako R3 comes with 8 different cooking levels, which helps to make different items automatically. However, it can save up to 60% of the energy. The thermo resistant crystal plate with an inside cooling fan ensures optimum safety. The glass plate can take up to 800-degree temperature through the 220-240 volt and 2200-watt electricity. You can buy Miyako R3 for Tk. 3,200 to Tk. 3,600.

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Vision Induction Cooker VSN1204(Border)

Vision VSN1204 induction cooker priced at Tk. 3,300 comes with 10 power temperature control that can adjust the induction level. Besides, 2000W, 220V, and 50Hz give a fast-heating capability. It features touch and knob control with four digital led displays. A grade polished crystal plate gives the cooker a gorgeous look. Multiple time settings and a variety of functions give you an easy cooking style.

Omera Induction Cooker - OIC 101

A nicely designed Omera electric cooker has a stainless-steel side and back panel. Besides, the thick tempered glass makes it robust. It features a touch switch operating system that can run on 220V/50hz voltage and is powered via 2000W. Omera 101 has ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001, and BSTI, so it has excellent quality. This particular model from Omera will cost you Tk. 3,300.

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CHEF KING Induction Cooker

Chef King induction cooker is loaded with a wide array of functionalities, which is smart and safe to use. It features a polished crystal heating place that enables faster cooking capability. Besides, the high-rated IGBT can control the voltage up-down. The best thing about this particular cooker is that it comes with 8 present recipe menus. The 230 V 50 Hz power supply AC with Earthing makes it one of the safest cookers. On top of that, you can easily control the temperature too. Chef King will cost you Tk. 7,000.

These are our top picks for induction cookers in Bangladesh. So, if you are new to the kitchen, you choose any of these models.

Source: United News of Bangladesh