India to develop new technology to make dead rockets “alive” in space: media

NEW DELHI, The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is working on to develop a new technology to give a new life to the dead rockets, in a bid to make use of the last stage of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rockets for space examinations, ISRO chief K. Sivan has reportedly said.

In an interview with an English daily, Sivan is learnt to have claimed

that India was the only country in the world to work on this new technology.

This would largely enable space students to use these alive rockets for

conducting space experiments for free, he said.

According to a report in English daily The Times of India, the ISRO is

going to perform a technology demonstration of this new system when it

launches the PSLV C44 rocket in January.

Normally the last stage of a PSLV rocket after releasing the primary

satellite in space becomes dead and categorised as debris. Now we are working

on a new technology where we will give life to this dead last stage of PSLV

for six months, Sivan said.

Sivan further stated that this would be a costeffective way to perform

experiments by space students in space even as there would not be a need to

launch a separate rocket for the purpose.

According to the ISRO chairman, the last stage of a rocket launch usually

keeps tumbling in the same orbit without any control where it released the

satellite. To keep it stabilized we will keep additional fuel in a separate

compartment without disturbing the original configuration, Sivan added.

He further explained that the last stage of a rocket launch keeps falling

and enters the Earth's atmosphere and burns out. By inserting batteries and

a solar panel, we can increase its life span for months by making it

communicable from the ground station. It can then be used as a platform for

experiments like microgravity tests, he said.

Students don't need to launch a fullfledged satellite. They would just

need the instruments with which they want to do experiments and attach them

with the last stage. The instruments will be powered by the last stage, he

reportedly said in the interview.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)