IEB protests DCs’ proposal on design, implementation of projects

The Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB) has protested the proposal presented by the deputy commissioners (DCs) at their annual conference, asking for the power to oversee the design and implementation of projects in their districts.

"The DCs proposal is unrealistic and illogical. By raising such a proposal, the DCs are seeking to violate existing procurement rules," IEB General Secretary Shahadat Hossain Shiblu said in a statement Thursday.

Following Rule 12 of the Public Procurement Rules 2008, the public works of the land and public administration ministries are implemented by engineering firms with technical expertise, he added.

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The DCs' comment that "estimate, design, and monitoring done by engineers create bottlenecks in the implementation of the projects while maintaining quality," is audacious, The IEB said.

If the DCs can coordinate their work properly, it will be possible to implement the projects on time, it added.

The IEB strongly demanded that the government not consider the DCs' proposal.

Source: United News of Bangladesh