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Hundreds of Jellyfish carcasses wash ashore on Cox’s Bazar beach

More than a hundred carcasses of Jellyfish were reported to be washed ashore at different points of Cox’s Bazar beach on Thursday morning.

These dead jellyfish have been washed ashore with the tidal water since this morning at several points along the 50 km long area of the beach including Labani, Sugandha, Simon Beach and Darya Nagar points up to Himchari.

Around 100 small and large jellyfish carcasses were found stuck in the sand at various points of the beach.

But no one could tell the reasons behind this huge number of deaths of jellyfish.

Cox’s Bazar District Fisheries Officer Badruzzaman said this is not the season for this fish to die.

These jellyfish might have come close to the shore and got caught in the fishermen’s nets. Later, the carcasses started washing up on the beach as the fishers threw those away, he added.

However, Bangladesh Marine Research Institute Senior Officer Abu Syed Md Sharif said Jellyfish usually die in winter and float in the sea.

“For several days we have examined the jellyfish carcasses floating in the sea. These jellyfish are getting caught in the fishing net and dying as fishing in the Bay started. There is nothing to worry,” he said.

Source: United News of Bangladesh