Huawei plans to roll out 6G by 2030

Chinese tech giant Huawei is thinking about rolling out 6G equipment and subsequent networks by 2030 when the world is only just starting to get used to 5G networks and 5G phones.

The localised leading global ICT solutions provider's Rotating Chairman Eric Xu broke the news at the company's global analyst summit in Shenzhen.

Xu highlighted the importance of unveiling the importance of 6G to the industry and individuals at the conference. The company will also soon unveil a white paper to tell the regulators and players what 6G is.

The ICT solutions provider is now working on two things related to 6G. Xu said, "First, we are working with other players in the industry to define what 6G is. We want to discuss with businesses and consumers what 6G will look like."

"Second, driven by our vision and the possible definition of 6G, we are also researching basic science and cutting-edge technologies, aiming to realise the 6G that we define together."

Source: United News of Bangladesh