How to manage wardrobes, closets to wear fresh smelling clothes everyday?

Have you ever experienced picking an outfit from your wardrobe and discovering that the fresh, just-washed scent is gone, replaced with that old club smell? It is a very natural scenario. Now, how to save clothes from odours? If you wish to start your day with fresh smelling clothes, check out here a few clever laundry tricks.

13 ways to keep your clothes smelling fresh in wardrobe, drawers, closets

It is crucial to know how to keep your clothes smelling fresh in storage. The following simple tips will help you add a pleasant smell to your clothes after putting them in your cupboard.

Remove Clutter

It often happens that our closet contains many clothes and items that we don’t use anymore. In such cases, the odour of used clothes can be transferred to the fresh clothes. The clutter makes the closet clumsier and improves the risk of odour. Therefore, you need to organize the clothes and essential items in your closets regularly. You can free some time on the weekend to re-organize your clothes. Thus, you let the fresh air, light pass inside the wardrobe, closet or drawer. It will keep the clothes away from foul smell.

Clean Your Closet, Wardrobe or Drawer

You must clean your closets regularly to keep them smelling fresh. First, remove everything from your closets and vacuum your closet floors to remove dirt and dust. Next, try to clean all the surfaces in your closet; drawers, cabinets, shelves, walls, and closet rods. Finally, before returning your clothes make sure all surfaces are completely dry.

Clean and Wash Clothes

Make sure to wash your clothes to remove the sweats, dirt or odours on the fabric. Try to clean the clothes although you only wore them only once.

However, you may not wash the party clothes frequently. In such cases, you need to hang the clothes under enough sunlight and air to get rid of the odours of sweat.

Smelling Fresh After Washing

Who does not love to wear fragrant clothes? You need to know how to keep your clothes smelling fresh after washing. So, make sure you use a good soap or detergent. Try to apply a scented soap or detergent.

If you prefer to wash your clothes in a washing machine, use any standard detergent. The use of a fabric conditioner also adds fragrance to your clothes after washing.

Dry Clothes

After washing, let the clothes dry in the sun, air or dryer. It would be better if you can dry your clothes in an open space. Even if you are using a washing machine with a dryer mechanism, don’t forget to hang the clothes to dry out properly.

Remember that your clothes must be completely dry before you put them in storage. If you put your clothes without drying them, then the dampness of the clothes will cause other problems.

Smelling Fresh in Drawers

To keep your clothes fresh in the drawers you need a bar of fragrant soap. Placing a bar of soap in the back of your drawer can be enough to keep your clothes smelling pleasant. Do not remove the soap cover. Finally, put a dryer sheet between each folded piece of clothing and they’ll keep their freshness while in storage.

Smelling Fresh in Wardrobe

If you can keep your clothes hanging, it can prevent them from developing a musty smell. Next, make sure you give your clothes room to breathe. Therefore, don’t hang everything too close together. Finally, place a mesh bag with scented items such as sprigs of lavender, dried rose petals, or mint on a hanger or in a corner.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are derived from natural plants and other sources. They have a natural smell that can elevate your mood and keep your closet smelling for a long time. So, using essential oils is a great way of scenting your garments. Just add a few drops of your favorite scented oils to the dryer during the last rinse cycle. Surely, it will help to add a mild fragrance to your garments.

Perfumed Tissue Papers

If you spray perfume directly on your clothes, sometimes it can be overpowering. But you can spray perfume on tissue paper or a cotton swab and let it dry. Then, place your garment on a flat surface and massage the scented tissue paper all over your garment. Of course, it will add a mild aroma to your clothes.


A combination of vinegar and essential oils can add a mild fragrance to your clothes. Just add half a cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle and then add four to five drops of essential oils to it and your work is done! You can’t imagine the result; your clothes will come out of the wash smelling fresh.

Use Wooden Hangers

You can also use scented wooden hangers to add a nice fragrance to your garments. As wood is a natural deodorizer, it can absorb any moisture in the air to prevent dampness. The wood material keeps moths away. Thus, wooden hangers can protect your clothes from having bad odours.

You can give your clothes a pleasant fragrance using wooden hangers with cedar or lavender scents.

Scented Wooden Hanger

You can also turn regular wooden hangers to scented wooden hangers. But, how? To do this take ½ a bucket of lukewarm water, and add 12-15 drops of cedarwood essential oil. Make sure you put your wooden hangers in it for about 30-40 minutes. After 40 minutes take them out and let them dry. Now you can use these hangers as usual and have a nice aroma on your clothes.

Baking Soda

Naturally, baking soda is a famous tool that is used to absorb any nasty odours and moisture odours. To gain this benefit, you can fill a bowl with baking soda and leave it in your closet for one day. Besides, you can store an open box of baking soda inside your closet for a year to get a long time result.

Coffee Grounds

We know coffee as a drink. But coffee has other uses also. Coffee grounds absorb bad odours in closets. Take a container and fill it with coffee grounds. Then make some holes in the lid and finally store the container in your closet; your work is done. However, you need to replace the grounds every month.

Bottom Line

You can hardly feel fresh if your clothes smell foul odours. It takes some effort to wear fresh smelling clothes everyday. The above-mentioned simple but effective methods will help you to eliminate unwanted smells from your wardrobe, closet or drawer all year long. Following these tips, you can keep your clothes smelling fresh and fragrant.

Source: United News of Bangladesh