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How to celebrate EID safely during COVID-19 pandemic

Last year, we had a whole new experience celebrating Eid in the wake of the coronavirus. No Iftar parties were organized, prayers were offered in the mosque as per guidelines, and donations were made while maintaining social distance. Muslims were forced to abstain from Eid hugging due to fears of coronavirus infection. In a word, this epidemic has taught people to think in new ways. In 2021, everyone will have to face the same kind of experience while celebrating Eid because the coronavirus outbreak has not decreased yet. This article will guide you on how to celebrate EID during the pandemic coronavirus.

Ways to celebrate EID safely amidst pandemic

As we are now going through a crisis, more emphasis should be given to humanitarian issues rather than lavish Eid celebrations. In that case, the following aspects should be taken into consideration.

Why should you be concerned with coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a deadly flu that attacks the human respiratory system directly and kills within hours due to low oxygen levels. Therefore, coronavirus should not be taken lightly. At present, thousands of people in India die every day as a result of this pandemic. COVID variants of different types have been detected in India, and the numbers are increasing at an alarming rate. Some citizens in Bangladesh have already tested positive for the Indian variant. The situation will get even more severe if we remain ignorant.

Many people risk their lives to go to their homes for celebrating Eid with their families. As a result, large crowds can be seen at river ports, bus terminals, and railway stations. Health guidelines are not followed properly in these places and increase the risk of coronavirus infection. Everyone should be aware to prevent its spread. It would be inappropriate to go out this Eid unless there's an emergency. Stay at home and be safe.

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Celebrate Eid with your family at home

The main goal for this Eid should be to spend more time with family at home. Everyone in the family should be aware of the current global situation caused by the coronavirus. Then everyone will be aware of themselves. Due to the epidemic, there should be some variation rather than organizing a simple Eid. In addition to making healthy Eid food, we should eat vitamin C and more fruits to better our immune system. Even, order your favorite things online rather than going to the mall for shopping. Try to make the most of Eid by chatting with family or doing something interesting.

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Maintain social distance when traveling

Although the lockdown constraints have been relaxed and travel is permitted in celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr, it is important that you adhere to the social distancing laws. You must thoroughly wash your hands and face after returning home from outside. Wash and clean everything in your house, be health-conscious when dealing with visitors from outside, and always wear a mask. Furthermore, any substance brought in from the outside must be cleaned. It is important to remember the coronavirus can be spread at any time if you are not properly health conscious.

Communicate with relatives and offer help to the poor

Getting in touch with relatives is invaluable during these challenging times. In addition to checking on relatives this Eid, those who are financially impoverished should be helped. It is better to pay both Zakat and Fitra during the month of Ramadan. You must try to complete these two tasks before the Eid prayer. Besides that, it would be great if we could assist the orphans. Many people are experiencing financial hardship as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, so you can help the needy and engage in humanitarian work. Eid means "Festival of Breaking the Fast," and the true celebration of Eid can only be successful if this joy can be spread among all.

Bottom Line

Everybody should be careful when celebrating Eid during the pandemic coronavirus. People must maintain social distance as long as the symptoms of covid-19 are present. It would be unacceptable to do something that would infect coronavirus while celebrating Eid, as we are going through a very difficult time right now. We must show the ultimate objective of Ramadan; which is patience, humility, and empathy for others. Only then the Eid celebration will be successful.

Source: United News of Bangladesh