How To Be A Popular Instagram Influencer

Despite being a social platform for the common man, Instagram has doubled as a multi-billion dollar industry that has turned the heads of advertisers, sponsors, e-commerce platforms and other businesses. There are so many variables that are in play to become a viral hit, and there is no perfect strategy to attain that kind of success - but there are clear guidelines that will expand your reach and presence: here is how to be a popular Instagram influencer.

Tips and Tricks To Be Famous in Instagram

Choosing Your Niche

The ideal kind of audiences are the ones who will come back to your content, i.e followers. The best way to do this is to find a niche that will have others looking forward to your next post, and being generic will make it difficult to incentivise commitment. Because of this, finding a niche is crucial to arrow in the kind of audiences you want to view your content. Finding a niche could vary from food, fashion, gaming, movie, cosmetics and so much more.

The most important thing to remember when thinking about this is identifying something you are passionate about. This is important for a few reasons: one, being that a passion-driven page will give you the motivation to post content regularly. This is synonymous with having a good understanding of your niche. With knowledge, your post will have substantiated preferences, informative bios and the trust of future investors or partners.

Creating A Memorable Bio

At the end of the day, Instagram, like other social media platforms are meant to be more personal than formal. Because of this, fans who are emotionally invested would appreciate knowing the background behind the creator of their favourite content. When they can establish a common ground with you, their motivation to support your content will naturally become stronger. Since Instagram is accessed primarily for leisure, showing a bit of your personality through your bio would genuinely matter to them.

Generic quotes aren’t the way to go if you want to establish originality in your bio. Being genuine with your story and what makes you passionate about the content you are posting is grounded enough for audiences to appreciate. With more authenticity, audiences will feel that they are interacting with your page at the angle of a relationship, rather than being a consumer of your content. The bio sets the introductory tone to your content and should be perfected before moving forward.

Insta-stories Are A Must

There’s more to Instagram than just photos: Insta-stories are a great way to deliver concise video content that give people a “live” update of what you’re up to. It keeps audiences involved in your life and can appear to be way more authentic than a carefully edited photo if done right. Showing off your expensive car or expensive items that you have just bought is not the way to go, because showing off can often be interpreted as the content creator actively trying to one-up his or her audiences- which is not very tactful.

Instead, making a quick reaction of news within your niche or something within your niche that currently has your attention are simple, but effective ways to set the tone of your page in that period of time. Overall, it isn’t rocket science to post something genuine, and it can easily be done with the niche you are passionate about, or even something even more personal when your fanbase has properly been cultivated.

Consistency In Your Grid

Presentation at a glance holds an immense amount of power that decides whether people are going to bother even exploring your page or scroll right through. There’s no shame to edit your pictures to be aesthetically pleasing, but the filters, editing style and overall tone should be consistent so that your collage of photos are coherent and can give audiences a sense of understanding of what they can expect from your future uploads.

Applications like Visco or Lightroom can do wonders to up your editing game, but over-editing may pose a risk of robbing authenticity off your images. Audiences appreciate truth in their content and having images that are edited too much may hamper the audience’s perception of the truth behind each uploaded photo. Ultimately, the best way to approach this is to edit just enough for aesthetic appeal and consistency, but not to cast any doubt on its authenticity.

Knowing Your Hashtags

Now we’re entering a slightly more business approach to your Instagram profile. Keywords are a critical component to ensuring that your page gets the right kind of exposure in its field. This is where finding a niche will save you; when having a niche, your keywords become much more specific and that allows your page to land on the “recommended” feed for potential audiences.

On a reach perspective, this is possibly one the key components to allow more exposure. Naturally, you’ll want to scout other specialists in the same niche to see what hashtags are used. Do keep in mind that if the hashtag is too common, it might get lost in the crowd, but going for something too niche may also make it hard to reach audiences, as the algorithm needs to know where your page should land.

Consistency Is Key

Posting frequently is the other component that affects your reach as a content creator. Ensuring that your posts are uploaded at high-traffic times will be the way to go so that you can cast your net wide to attract as many eyes as possible during the day. Posting twice a day is good as it tackles the two time slots with peak user activity while avoiding bombardment of content.

Ultimately, finding the perfect balance of hashtags, a relatable bio, perfect edits and other factors is a daunting task and is extremely difficult to get right. Instead of setting your eyes on getting viral and tracking your numbers constantly, the best way is to post frequently about things you enjoy with the aforementioned tips in mind - if done so, there’s a good chance people will start to see the authenticity behind each post.

Source: United News of Bangladesh