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Home Shifting Checklist: Important things to do while moving to new house

Shifting home and moving to a new house is definitely exciting. But the to-do list before and after shifting can be exhaustive, troublesome, and stressful. To shift to a new house, you have to pack your things and prepare the new house as well. You need to concentrate even on every minor fault and get them fixed. Here are the 10 best essential things you should do in your new home before and after shifting in.

10 essential things to do while shifting home

Meet all dues

Before shifting to your new home, first make sure you have paid all your outstanding dues related to your old house. Besides the utility bills, pay for the services of people who served you during your stay at your old place. This could be domestic help, electricians, plumbers, cleaners, gardeners, etc.

Inform these people who assist you to make your day-to-day life easy about your decision of shifting. You should do it so that none of them can complain after your departure as far as their payments are concerned.

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Professionally cleaned

When you are totally ready to shift to a new home first you need to focus on the cleanliness of the home. The left home of previous dwellers remains very dirty unless it is a newly built place. Some people may leave the home cleaned for you but if not you need to clean the home before shifting to it.

It is not actually easy to clean a left home. So, you can hire a professional cleaner who can easily help to clean everything like the roof, Floor space, walls, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, counters, washrooms, kitchen, balconies, and so on. Don’t forget to use detergent and safe cleaning items at the time of cleaning activities.

Painting Walls

As soon as you have cleaned the extra dust from your new home, your next step is to focus on painting the walls. If they are already painted, it is good; but if not, you need to paint them as it is easier to get a vacant home painted rather than a filled home.

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Talk to the homeowner about painting or if you yourself are the owner call professional painters to paint your home. Painting the home before shifting will give you a new look and it is also a great way to get the house cleaned.

You can also use wallpapers. Nowadays, different wallpapers are available on the market. You can choose different wallpapers for different rooms of your new room considering the specific choice, personality, age and interest of you, children, partner and other family members.

Pest Free

Cleaning and painting are done but don’t forget about pests. Of course, you don’t like to share your new den with them. So, if there are a few days left before you move in, take some time out and get a pest control spray. It is easy to remove bugs from a free home. You cannot do it easily once your stuff arrives.

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Most importantly, you should do it before shifting to save your pets and children from being exposed to raspy chemicals.

Address Change

You don't miss any letters, parcels, and bills, it's probably best to change your address with the post office two or three weeks before the shift. It takes a long time for the change to be processed and instituted.

Besides, you can make a nice relationship with the new renters/owners of your old place so that you can ask if they wouldn't mind holding any stragglers that the mail carrier delivers after the move.

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Get Introduced with New Neighbors

Once you shift to your new place, everything is new to you and you may not get any help if you face any difficult situation. Remember neighbours are best friends to you as most of your relatives and friends are not to you. You always find your neighbours close to you. So, it is necessary to introduce yourself to your neighbour and make a good relationship with them.

Plan for children and pets

Children and pets feel helpless in the new home as the place is totally unknown to them. So, it is better to make your new home friendly for them. Take all necessary steps for their safety, security, and comfort. Make your children and pet busy with interesting things for the day when you will be busy arranging your new home.

You can take help from your family and friends to take care of your kids and pets on the shifting day and the days when you are busy arranging a new home.

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Getting new electrical boards

The house you are going to move into may need many renovations. You need to change the switchboards or buttons if they are dirty, broken, or discoloured. It is better to replace all the switch plates with new ones. You should do it to avoid any unwanted accidents. What’s more, the new fixtures will add a fresh look to your new home.

Equipment cleaned

Cooling and heating systems are the most essential things in the home. Without them, your life will be difficult. So, make sure you clean and serviced all the heating or cooling systems before shifting. Moreover, it is fundamental to get the air-conditioners and the kitchen chimney serviced and cleaned to improve their functionality.

Outdoor locks

Think about safety first. It is wise to get a new set of locks installed for the main entrance of your new home. You are not sure that the previous owners, brokers, or maintenance people do not have had the key to that door. It is an issue of the safety of your family and property. Therefore, it is important to get the locks changed immediately after you move into the new house.

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Windows are one of the most important parts of the house as you will get natural light, and air through them. So. Before shifting to the new house, make sure that all windows have glasses, temporary shades and the system to hang curtains. Make sure this is done in all important rooms to ensure safety and privacy.

Bottom Line

So far we have discussed a to-do list for shifting in your new home. You may need to change your home for different reasons and necessities. Not to mention, shifting home is a great hassle. Just by following some proper steps, you can make your new home safe, secured, cozy and comfortable.

Source: United News of Bangladesh