Hassle-free travel tips for senior citizens

Many travel enthusiasts don’t stop travelling even after reaching old age. Many desire to travel abroad after retirement. Though many destinations around the world are accessible to senior citizens, certain destinations may pose risks unless proper cautions are taken. Older adluts are more vulnerable to injuries and illnesses. Accidents can happen at any location, and injuries can be long-lasting and treatment can be costly. Therefore, senior travellers should be extra cautious during travel. Here are travel tips for older adults.


Travel Tips for Senior Citizens to Follow


Pick senior citizen-friendly tours and travel services


Many local and overseas travel agencies offer special relaxed tours for the senior citizens. Choose a senior-friendly tour that is completely organised, operated, and staffed to ensure the program promises and provides exploration.


Book Tickets early


When you are ready to travel, make the complete planning first. Then, reserve transportations and accommodation earlier instead of trying at the last moment. If you’ve decided on the destination with a set date, you can research the airlines, cruise companies, and buses. For transportation by land or air, look for the most direct and shortest travel time.


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Find facilities and discounts for senior citizens


Always ask for senior discounts. Numerous places like museums, trains, and more have offered tickets for seniors. Take necessary documents to claim discounts. While some locations do not show the discount rates, it’s not a bad idea to ask staff members and verify!


The overseas airports offer many facilities for the older adults. You can request a seat in rows reserved for adult people. You can make an appointment for free wheelchairs at airports. Usually, there is no charge for wheelchair-assistance from an airline employee. However, if you do not submit and confirm all of these requests during the booking, the transport company is under no obligation to offer the service.


If meals are available at the airports, inform your reservation service of special dietary requirements.


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Suitable destination


When your parents are travelling alone to visit family members, arrange a phone conference with your family members to discuss how you can assist your elderly parent’s requirements. Inform your parents about their most loved foods and activities.


When you are planning your own itinerary as an older adult, discuss with friends and family members about safe destinations. If possible do online research and navigate travel websites to get information.


Feet Safety


Comfortable shoes can help the senior citizens to endure the long hours of walking and touring during sightseeing. Another point is wearing perfect sized shoes. Small shoes could make you more vulnerable to ankle spraining or falling down. Besides, Non-slippery flat shoes can aid older travellers in staying in a steady position. Flats help you stay well-balanced and comfortable.


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Be on time


If you are an older adult and travelling alone, be extra cautious about time. Make sure you arrive at the airport or bus stand or train station with enough time to allow for extra time so you don’t feel overwhelmed as you navigate your way to the correct terminal and the gate. Avoid walking for long distances. Make arrangements to use a wheelchair or help before time if you require assistance.


Travel in comfort


Being comfortable on the plane is important for people over 65 and could even positively affect your back and joints. Although plane seats might not always be very comfortable, you can ease your back by purchasing a seat cushion that provides some padding in the spot you need.


However, these aren’t the only methods to make your trip more relaxing. It’s as easy as selecting an aisle seat could be a fantastic option to remain comfortable and give you access to the bathroom whenever you need to. The aisle seat also allows you to have the flexibility to rise and stretch frequently.


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Keep medicine, travel documents, and snacks handy


You should carry many days’ worth of important medication in your carry-on bags and keep them close to your seat. What is the benefit of several days’ worth?


Make sure you have plenty of medication with you, so you’re able to make it through the flight in the event of a delay in your journey to your destination.


Print or keep the travel documents you need on hand. Keep a backup copy of your itinerary, and then send it to the people you’re visiting to let them know the time your flight is scheduled to arrive and can make arrangements in case delays occur. Also, leave it with a family or friend back at home.


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Take duplicates of the travel insurance policy, your passport ID, your emergency contact information, visas and medical details. Contact your travel insurance provider for assistance if your flight gets cancelled, your passport is stolen, or your prescriptions are lost.


Don’t get too hungry, so keep some healthy snacks in your pantry. A handful of nuts, slices of fruit, and an energy bar are suitable alternatives. Based on your airline’s policy, food items can only be purchased. It’s better to keep what you want to have on hand instead of trying to find food carts.


Place your snacks in zippered plastic bags so that they don’t spill into your bag. Also, ensure they’re accessible to you so that you don’t need to get your bag back from an overhead compartment.


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Renew your vaccinations and be aware of DVT


If you’re planning to travel abroad, you may require certain vaccinations before departure in some instances, up to six weeks before leaving.


Adults over 65 have a greater chance of developing DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), which occurs when blood clots begin to form in your veins, which stop blood flow, typically within your legs. The prolonged sitting duration on an aeroplane or train could trigger DVT.


Some studies show that wearers of “compression stockings” can help keep this condition from becoming dangerous. Additionally, taking frequent intervals to walk or work your legs after an extended ride could aid in preventing the development of DVT. Talk to your doctor about it.


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Pace yourself


No matter what type of travel you’re taking, it’s clear that there’s always more to see and do. While there’s nothing wrong with going out and taking in the sights, you must ensure that you’re doing it in a manner that’s good for your body. If you require a little bit more assistance and support, you can use a Cane with Quad Cane that can assist you in getting up and running without adding too much space.


Guard yourself against infections and dehydration


Cleanse your hands or use alcohol-based hand soap, especially after a long time in a crowd on a train, plane or bus, and before eating.


Be aware of your foods and drinks. It is recommended to use common sense when choosing what you eat and drink.


Take plenty of fluids when travelling, especially on planes. The atmosphere inside aircraft can be dry. Therefore, take the largest bottle of water and frequently drink it even if you don’t feel thirsty. Request an empty bottle of water each when the flight attendant offers an option to drink instead of coffee or soda, which could cause you to become dry and thirsty.


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Bottom Line


Following the above-mentioned senior travel tips, the older adults can easily plan enjoyable and secured vacations. The children and relatives can also organise vacation itinerary for senior citizens. Of course, everyone is unique, and you might be suffering from medical issues which need to be considered. It is important to speak with your doctor about any health issues before making plans for your next excursion. In either case, a few important steps can make travelling with seniors simpler.


Source: United News of Bangladesh