Halda River under CCTV surveillance

A unit of police will keep vigil through the CCTV cameras to prevent illegal netting, plying of engine-run boats and sand lifting.

Prof Dr. Mohammad Manjurul Kirbia of Zoology Department of Chittagong University and co-coordinator of Halda River Research Laboratory, said, “Surveillance to protect the biodiversity of the Halda River will be strengthened by installing the CCTV cameras which is a commendable move”

“About 40 volunteers were working for ensuring security of mother fish in the river and it is so tough to handle it with few people. That’s why we urged the authorities concerned to install CCTV cameras. Through the CCTV, anyone can remain vigilant sitting in any place.”

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ABM Mizanur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Sadarghat River Police, said, “Eight high powered CCTVs have been installed at eight points in the Halda river and police are monitoring Madunaghat to Amtoa areas of the river through the cameras.

The government declared the Halda River as Bangabandhu Fisheries Heritage and every year in April, fish release their eggs during heavy rain.

Source: United News of Bangladesh