Grassroots Joyeetas become self-reliant for their will power

“Joyeeta” (victorious), a woman who reaches peak of the success by conquering all hurdles, means it is the symbolic name of a struggling and indomitable woman.

The country’s womenfolk have advanced a lot through various pragmatic steps of the present Awami League government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina like “Joyeeta” which is its main example.

The womenfolk of the county are now flying planes that mean they are keeping rolling the wheels of the economy. And Joyeeta is a “true symbol” of women development and empowerment. They have taken their own place in the society and are changing livelihood of many by capitalising on their own irresistible determination and winning extreme adversity. The grassroots Joyeetas being strengthened in their own indomitable will power are now “icon” of the women.

The Women Affairs Directorate of the government has taken this initiative for finding out these Joyeetas. The name of the programme is “Joyeeta Onneshone Bangladesh” (In search of Joyeetas in Bangladesh).

The government is giving awards to Joyeetas by splitting them into five categories– the women who achieved success economically, the women who earned success in education and job, the successful mothers, the women who turned around by wiping out the dark days of torture and the women who contributed to social development.

The work on scrutinising Joyeeta has been done at the unions, upazilas, districts and divisions in phases. Officials of the local administration and civil society representatives were engaged in this work.

Sources said in 2014, 1,441 Joyeetas were selected in five categories from the union level in Rajshahi division. Of them, 324 were honoured at upazila level, 40 at district level and five at the divisional level.

Sathi Rani (A symbol of brave woman) was born with a single leg. Moreover, the poverty made her life extreme awful. She continued study up to class 10 in her own efforts. In this situation, her parent gave her marriage by selling land and house.

Sathi’s husband was drug addict and they had a son. But he (husband) used to inflict inhuman torture on Sathi day after day. But her journey did not stop. She passed SSC examinations in 2004. The drug-addicted husband ousted Sathi from the house after torturing. Though she saw an uncertain future, she became more confident and tried to be turned around. Sathi was engaged in tuition for the whole day to manage the family and was admitted to a college.

“I took training on sewing work and purchased an old sewing machine and later bought another machine through the earning,” said Sathi.

Later, she received a sewing machine from the Women Affairs Directorate which made her self-reliant. Side by side with this, she also made the poor males and females of the village self reliant by providing training. Sathi admitted her son to a school and also herself wants to be higher educated alongside her son.

Sathi said: “It’s my expectation that women are honoured as human beings not females … I want to work to make women self-reliant economically.”

State Minister for Women and Children Affairs Fazilatunnesa Indira said the present government has taken various steps for creating employment for women development, empowerment and equal rights.

“To achieve the goal, the womenfolk are being made as entrepreneurs by imparting training on various trades,” she said.

The government is giving “Joyeeta Award” to these entrepreneurs in recognition to outstanding achievement in their respective fields through which other women are being encouraged, the state minister added.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)