Grameenphone observes Green Week 2022

Grameenphone employees observed “Green Week 2022” from May 16-19 to increase environmental awareness.

The focus of the week was to help employees understand how artificial activities influence the planet and its long-term impacts on the environment and to encourage them to adopt an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

Bangladesh, home to 167 million people, is among the countries most vulnerable to climate change. Adverse effects of climate change will have profound repercussions on the economy and development of the country.

Grameenphone CEO Yasir Azman said: “It has been estimated that by 2050, one in every seven people in Bangladesh will be displaced by climate change. We frequently overlook certain environmental and climate-damaging activities that can significantly hurt our ecosystems and global health if they remain unresolved.”

“With the advent of digitalisation, we see more and more electronic devices being released, more energy being consumed, and more data being exchanged. We need to bring more efficiency to these processes and be wary of our energy consumption. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something – together, we can change the world.”

“At Grameenphone, we have been coming up with green plans, partnering with some stakeholders to initiate dialogues and pick up activities to generate better environmental awareness in society. Raising awareness, innovation through low carbon technologies to create an inclusive and genuinely comprehensive mitigation scheme and unitedly increasing usage of renewable energy will contribute towards a greener tomorrow,” Yasir said.

Grameenphone employees observed Green Week through different dedicated actions – using only reusable shopping bags, constantly turning off electronic equipment when not in use to save electricity, reducing meat consumption and food waste, and planting trees.

To encourage employees, a booth was placed at GPHouse, from where employees could get desired saplings throughout the week.

Meat-free day and single-use plastic-free day was also celebrated at the office on May 18 and 19.

Source: United News of Bangladesh