Govt to hire for 12,600 posts to promote job-oriented education

To promote job-oriented education in Bangladesh, the government has decided to recruit for some 12,600 posts across technical colleges and polytechnics over three fiscals.


All the necessary procedures needed for the issuance of a government order paving the way for the creation of 12,607 posts — 1,061 cadre posts and 11,546 non-cadre posts — in the technical education sector were completed and sent to PMO. UNB has learnt that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has recently given her consent to the proposal.


The move aims at addressing the acute manpower shortage in 113 government institutes — 49 polytechnics and 64 technical colleges — under the Technical and Madrasa Education Division, the officials said.


Of the 1,061 permanent cadre positions, there are 20 vice principal posts (Grade-5 in the National Pay-scale, 2015), 169 chief instructors (technical, Grade-6), 57 chief instructors (non-technical, Grade-6), 510 instructors (technical, Grade-9) and 305 instructors (non-technical, Grade-9.




“The recruitment for the over 12,000 posts will be made in three financial years, starting this fiscal,” said Dr Md Omar Faruque, additional secretary of the Technical and Madrasa Education Division.


“The government is creating the posts to address the acute manpower crisis in the technical schools and colleges which are currently being run by one-third staff, he said. “The teaching standards and enrollment rates are expected to rise, following the recruitment.”


The move comes as part of the government’s priority to promote technical and vocational education to create skilled manpower for the current job markets at home and abroad, Dr Omar Faruque said.


Experts believe that the initiative to promote job-oriented education will have a positive impact on overseas employment of Bangladeshi workers and inflow of remittance as there is high demand for skilled workers abroad.


Earlier, the Public Administration Ministry had approved a proposal for the creation of 13,072 posts. Later, the Finance Division agreed to create 12,607 posts in the revenue sector. The Finance Division has also fixed the pay scale for the posts.


Source: United News of Bangladesh