Govt to emphasise inclusive growth with rural development, strong local government

The government plans to spend almost Tk 500 billion over the next 3 years in rural development and for strengthening the local government system.


The existing ‘one house, one farm’ and ‘my village, my town’ schemes of the government are expected to play a vital role in this regard.


According to a government policy document, under the ‘my village, my town’ scheme the government will provide modern urban civic facilities to the rural areas. These include modern transportation and communication systems, modern medicare facilities and utilities, high-speed internet, etc.


It said that to implement the ‘my village, my town’ scheme the Local Government division has undertaken massive programmes for 2020-21 fiscal.


Under these programmes, there will be 5,550 kilometres of new roads, 13,500 kilometres roads will get carpeting, construction of 31,000 metres of bridges and 195 market complexes/growth centres will be built.


The document stated that to make economic growth inclusive, the government has given importance on strengthening local government system and rural development. To materialise this objective the government has taken various programmes.


The government plans to spend Tk 475.12 billion by 2022-23 fiscal in this regard with an average of 8.7 percent growth in each fiscal.


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Union Digital Centres have been set up to ensure providing various types of civic services quickly and easily to the doorsteps of grassroots level. From these Centres people are getting 112 kinds of government services.


Under the ‘one house, one farm’ initiative, the government has distributed Tk 2775 crore among 51 lakh beneficiaries while 23 lakh income generating family farms have been established and 2.39 lakh beneficiaries have been given necessary technical training.


The document mentioned that by June 2021 another 55 lakh poor families will be brought under this scheme.


Besides, the government has taken another initiative titled ‘Palli Janopod’ to construct modern creative house building.


Development of roads, bridges, culvert, haat-markets, development centres, cyclone shelter centres, haor, developed water, sanitation and waste management will be under this initiative.


On the other hand, steps have been taken for construction of roads and footpaths, set up drainage system, construction of bus terminals, setting up of community centres, flyover construction at important places, roads repair and expansion of sanitation system.


According to a Local Government Division official the government is very much serious and sincere for developing and strengthening the local governments in the country to take development to the people’s doorsteps in every corner of the country.


“That’s why the government is giving immense importance on developing the local government system and each year the allocation in this sector is growing,” the official said.


He also mentioned that the ruling Awami League in its election manifesto declared the ‘My Village, My Town’ to develop the rural areas of the country and for that reason the development of the local government is essential.


Source: United News of Bangladesh