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Govt distorting Liberation War history to mislead new generation: Mosharraf

BNP standing committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain on Friday accused the government of “trying to write” the Liberation War history “to mislead the new generation”.

“Those who’re in power, are trying to write the history of the Liberation War as they wish for their own advantage,” he said. “Efforts are being made, especially to mislead the new generation by distorting the real history of the Liberation War.”

He made the remarks at a meeting of BNP’s committee on the celebration of the golden jubilee of Liberation War at the party chief’s Gulshan office.

Mosharraf also accused the government of giving the new generation wrong information about the main aspirations of the Liberation War and different individuals’ contributions to the war and different sectors.

“The main spirit of the Liberation War was a democratic government and democratic environment, but now there’s no democracy in the country. Not only now, democracy was also annihilated in 1975 by establishing one-party rule,” he said.

He called upon the intellectuals and freedom fighters to present the real history of the Liberation War before the new generation.

“BNP is the party of real freedom fighters who fought in the war fields. BNP is taking all necessary initiatives to observe the golden jubilee of independence with due reverence and importance,” Mosharraf added.