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Global Covid-19 deaths approaching 9-lakh

The global Covid-19 death toll is approaching 900,000, the latest tally from Johns Hopkins University shows.


The death count reached 891,240 on Tuesday.


Besides, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases recorded 27,254,716.


More than 18.24 million people recovered from the virus infection, according to the latest tally from JHU.


The United States remains the worst-hit nation by the pandemic, with 6,300,431 cases and 189,207 deaths, accounting for more than one fifth of the global death toll.


India has become the second worst-hit country by the pandemic on Monday.


The South Asian country reported 90,802 cases in the past 24 hours that pushed its total past Brazil with 4.2 million cases.


The confirmed coronavirus cases have reached 4,204,613 in India where 71,642 deaths from virus infection have been recorded.


India has been recording the world’s largest daily coronavirus caseload for almost a month even as the government pushes to open businesses to revive a contracting economy.


Meanwhile, the third worst-hit country Brazil has counted 4,147,794 cases and 126,960 deaths.


Other countries with over 30,000 fatalities include Mexico, Britain, Italy and France.


Coronavirus Situation in Bangladesh


Bangladesh on Monday saw the death of another 37 Covid-19 patients in the span of 24 hours increasing the number of total deaths in the country to 4,516 after recording the first death on March 18.


During the same period, health authorities have detected 2,202 new Covid-19 patients and the total number of infections in the country rose to 327,359.


Ninety-three RT-PCR testing facilities across the country tested 15,412 samples in a day and a reduced 14.29 percent turned out positive. Since March, 1,644,724 samples have been tested in the country and 19.9 percent of them are infected.


In the last 24 hours, 3,298 former patients were cured of the disease, jumping the total number of recoveries to 224,573. Recovery rate in Bangladesh is now 68.6 percent.


Source: United News of Bangladesh