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Gaibandha AL leader allegedly threatens freedom fighter

An aged freedom fighter in Palashbari of Gaibandha has faced threats of losing his allowance unless he testifies a known Jamaat patron as a freedom fighter.

The allegation was made against Muhibul Hasan Mukit, who recently joined as organising secretary of newly formed Gaibandha's Palashbari unit of Awami League. His parents were known sympathizers of local Jamaat for a long time, said sources at the local Awami League.

Even a senior freedom fighter named Nasir Uddin Sarkar in Gobindaganj received threats of taking away his freedom fighter certificate if he does not certify that Mukit's father took pary n the Liberation War.

"They blackmailed me. Habibur Rahman was never a freedom fighter. I know that very well. They cheated me, forcing me to say something in their favour," he said.

Meanwhile, the convener of a probe body in this matter prepared his report while none of the 28 interviewees from local AL leaders and freedom fighters testified against the allegation over the long standing nexus between Mukit’s father and local Jamaat leaders.

The committee was made following the submission of a complaint regarding the involvement of Mukit's family in Jamaat to central Awami League by a local leader.

Source: United News of Bangladesh