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France lifts Covid restrictions on Bangladesh

France has lifted Covid-19 restrictions on Bangladesh, considering it one of the “green-listed” countries.

The decision will be effective from Thursday, said the French Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Interior.

The measures on arrival in France (test, isolation) are lifted when they come from countries like Bangladesh which are on the green list.

Following the latest decision by the French government, travellers from Bangladesh who are vaccinated with vaccines of BioNTech-Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca (Vaxevria / Covishield), and Johnson and Johnson will not be required to take tests to arrive in France and to depart from the country.

Proof of a complete vaccination schedule will be sufficient to arrive in France from Bangladesh.

However, unvaccinated travellers from Bangladesh will have to show a negative RT-PCR test result to travel to France.

The western European country considers those countries as “green” which have a negligible or moderate circulation of the virus and absence of an emerging variant of concern.

The “orange-listed” countries are those, which are experiencing active circulation of the virus, in the absence of an emerging variant of concern, and showing no vaccine or immune escape, said Bangladesh’s foreign ministry Thursday.

The Bangladesh Embassy in Paris had been in talks with the concerned French authorities to delist Bangladesh from the restricted countries given a satisfactory improvement in its Covid-19 situation.

Source: United News of Bangladesh