Farmers Bank loan scam: Chamber judge feels embarrassed to hear Rashedul’s bail plea

The Chamber Judge of Appellate Division on Tuesday felt embarrassed to hear bail petition of Rashedul Haque Chisty, son of former chairman of Farmers Bank’s audit committee Mahbubul Haque Chishty, in a money laundering case.

Chamber Judge Md Nuruzzaman declined to hear two petitions filed by the state and the Anti-Corruption Commission seeking cancellation of his bail and a petition filed by Rashedul’s lawyer seeking his bail.

The court also said that now the case documents will be sent to the Chief Justice. The next hearing will be held as directed by the Chief Justice.

AM Amin Uddin stood for Rashed Chishti and Attorney General Mahbubey Alam represented the state.

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Meanwhile, the High Court today upheld his bail in another case filed in Tangail.

Justice Md Nazrul Islam Talukder passed the order during virtual hearing.

At the same time, the court asked the ACC to file its petition seeking cancellation of his bail in a regular bench of the High Court.

Deputy Attorney general A K M Amin Uddin Manik said that the court had granted bail to Rashedul Haque as per the bail conditions of the previous three cases. The conditions are: submission of passport, not going abroad without the permission of the court, not entering Padma Bank, not interfering in the investigation.

Earlier, in 2016, the ACC filed 16 cases against Mahbubul Haque Chishty, former chairman of the audit and EC committee of Farmers Bank and his son Rashedul Haque Chishty, the shareholder of the bank.

Five  cases were filed against Rashedul.

He got bail from lower court in the five cases within 10 days of last month showing corona situation.

Farmers Bank was established in June 2013 while investigations of Bangladesh Bank found massive irregularities in the bank’s loan disbursement along with a huge amount of default loans in 2017.

The bank’s chairman and a former home minister  MK Alamgir and Audit Committee chief Mahabubul resigned following the scandal while the central bank in December also removed the bank’s managing director.


Source: United News of Bangladesh