Fair on higher education in India to begin in Dhaka Friday

The Education Meet-2021 under the Study in India programme is meant for informing Bangladeshi students about the opportunities in higher education in various university colleges of the neighbouring country, the organisers said in a press release on Thursday.

Speaking at a press conference, Sandeep Goel, CFO of EdCIL India Limited & CGM, said the event will definitely widen the scope and opportunities for Bangladeshi students to learn more about Indian higher Education Institutions as their options to study abroad.

“We’ll extend support to our international students, especially to the students of our neighbouring country Bangladesh. It’ll also help strengthen the ties between the two countries through these gateways,” he said.

Dr Uttam B Sapate, Executive Director, EdCIL India Limited, said there are 2,000 scholarship opportunities for international students. “Meritorious Bangladeshi students will surely get SII Scholarships. The eligible students will also get the required support from Study in India programme.”

Study in India is a flagship program launched by the Ministry of Education under the government of India in 2018.

The programme is designed to encourage the global student community to pursue their higher education in India.

Since its inception, Study in India has attracted students over 150 countries spanning across Saarc, Africa, South-East Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle-East.

Dr Uttam B Sapate termed the Education Meet as an easy, student-friendly platform for students to explore and apply to premier Indian institutes offering degrees that are globally accepted.

“Access to over 2,600 diverse course options inclusive of engineering, business, management, photonics, pharmacy, law, commerce, humanities and other courses at various levels of diploma, under-graduation, post-graduation, doctorate of philosophy degree,” he added.

In India, there are 100 thousand seats for international students, including 2 thousand scholarships and 60 thousand tuition fee waivers from 25 percent to 100 percent, the media release added.

Indian institutes offer scholarships up to 3,500 US dollars per year to meritorious students which cover tuition, hostel and mess fees.

Source: United News of Bangladesh