Epidemic situation has shown positive changes: Chinese President

The epidemic situation has shown positive changes due to concerted hard work and that the prevention and control work has achieved notable outcomes, said the Chinese Embassy in Dhaka quoting Chinese President Xi Jinping as saying.

Noting that epidemic prevention and control have entered a critical stage that requires stringent efforts, Xi stressed focusing on priorities without any let-up and strengthening prevention and control in areas where the epidemic situation is particularly serious or at greater risk.

Xi demanded resolute efforts from Party committees and governments at all levels to win the people's war against the epidemic and urged them to strive to achieve this year's economic and social development goals and tasks.

Daily briefing on novel coronavirus cases in China's mainland

On February 12, China's mainland received reports of 15,152 new cases of confirmed infections (mainly in Hubei Province with 13,332 cases), 2807 new cases of suspected infections (out of which 1377 from Hubei Province), and 254 fatality (among which 242 in Hubei Province), said the Embassy in a Facebook post on Thursday.

It said some 1171 patients were released yesterday from hospitals after being cured and 29,429 people who had had close contact with infected patients were freed from medical observation.

There is no report of fatality out of China, said the Embassy.

Source: United News of Bangladesh