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Epic Islamic Movies Ever Made in History

Islamic movies occupy a special place among the movies based on the Crusades and religion-centered way of life. A film is a reflection of the eternal life of human beings, where these epic Islamic movies justify the definition of film. The specialty of these movies lies in giving priority to Islamic discipline regardless of language and caste. However, the interrelationships and conflicts of the people shown in the screenplays tie them in the same thread as the other movies of the world. Let’s take a look at some of the best Islamic movies in the world.

Top 10 Greatest Islamic Movies of All Time

The Message (1976)

Islamic War | 8.1 (IMDb)

Produced and directed by Mustafa Akkad, this 1976 film features important chapters in the history of Islam. The conflict in Mecca and Medina after the prophethood of Muhammad, the last prophet of Islam, and then the final salvation have been depicted in an unprecedented way.

The film stars Anthony Quinn, Irene Papas, Michael Ansara, Johnny Sekka, and Michael Forrest.

The film received an Oscar nomination in 1977 for Best Original Score. This Cinema was released in two different versions, English, and Arabic.

Muhammad: The Messenger of God (2015)

Biography of the Last Prophet of Islam | 7.6 (IMDb)

This big-budget Iranian movie is by far the best movie based on the biography of Muhammad, the last prophet of Islam. The prophet’s whole life has beautifully been portrayed in the film. The director of this movie was Majid Majidi, who also contributed to the script writing. The other writers of this film were Cambuzia Partovi, and Hamid Amjad.

The cast of this 2015 film includes Mahdi Pakdel, Alireza Shoja Nuri, Mohsin Tanabandeh, Sareh Bayat, Mina Sadati, and Rana Azadivar. The spiritual scenes were captivatingly presented by Vittorio Storaro, the Cinematographer of the film.

Storaro and Majidi won the Outstanding Cinematic Duo Award at the Camera-Image International Film Festival.

BILAL: A New Breed of Hero (2015)

Islamic Legend | 7.9 (IMDb)

Under the production of Barzaun Entertainment, this 3D computer-animated film was directed by Ayman Jamal and Khurram H. Alavi. This 2015 film depicts the life of Bilal Ibn Rabah, the first muezzin(who calls for prayer) of Islam. Alex Kronemer, Yassin Kamel, Michael Wolfe, and Khurram Alavi co-wrote the movie based on the story by Ayman Jamal.

The major voice cast includes Advale Akinneu-Agbaj, Ian Machen, and China Ann McClean.

Bilal was appraised as Best Inspirational Film on Animation Day at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016.

The Conquest 1453 (2012)

Islamic Reign | 6.8 (IMDb)

This 2012 film is an epic production of Aksoy Film Productions, a renowned Turkish film production company. The screenplay of the Islamic movie is written by Irfan Saruhan under the direction of Farooq Akshay. This Turkish film focuses on the fall of Constantinople in 1453 during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II.

The film stars Devrim Evin, Ibrahim Celikkol, and Dilek Serbest in the lead roles.

Ibrahim won the Sadri Alisik Cinema Award as a promising actor at the 2012 Sadri Alisik Theater and Cinema Awards.

Hussein Who Said No (2014)

Historical Tragedy | 7.3 (IMDb)

This historical film follows the legendary battle of Karbala on the day of Ashura. This Persian language film is directed by Ahmad Reza Darwish. His screenplay depicts the coup d’etat of Hussein, the grandson of Muhammad, the last prophet of Islam.

This 2014 film, starring Arash Asifi, Farhad Ghamian, Hasan Purshiraji, has been dubbed in several languages worldwide including English, Arabic, and Bengali. The movie won a total of 8 Crystal Simorgh at the 2014 Fajr Film Festival.

The Color of Paradise (1999)

Power of Faith | 8.2 (IMDb)

It is one of the best Islamic movies by Majid Majidi. This 1999 film follows a great interaction between a father and his blind son. Besides, the analogy of faith in God is presented in a very elegant way in the movie. It stars Hossain Mahjub, Mohsen Ramejani and Salameh Faizi.

For the film, Majidi was acclaimed at various festivals around the world, including Cinemanila International Film Festival, Giffney Film Festival, and the Montreal World Film Festival. Child artist Ramejani’s performance also gained a lot of popularity.

Baran (2001)

Light of Love | 7.8 (IMDb)

This Iranian movie is a romantic movie based on an original story by Majid Majidi. Under his direction, the sanctity of love between a young man and a girl in an Afghan refugee camp on the outskirts of Tehran has been revealed. Zahra Bahrami stars the title role and Hossain Abedini plays the role of a Turkish worker.

The 2001 film won seven Crystal Simorgh at the Fajr Film Festival, two at the Montreal World Film Festival, and two at the Gijon International Film Festival.

The Lady of Heaven (2021)

Enlightening Life | 8.7 (IMDb)

For the first time, this 2021 historical film portrays the life of Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad, the last prophet of Islam. Eli King began his movie-direction career by directing this British film. The story of this epic film, produced by Enlightened Kingdom, is written by Sheikh Yasir Al-Habib.

The movie sheds light on the lifestyle of the Prophet’s daughter Fatima 1400 years ago by telling a story to a war-torn Iraqi child. It stars Dennis Black, Gabriel Carted, and Ray Firon.

In the face of much controversy, the movie won Best Visual Effects at the iSuccess International Awards Gala.

The Fateful Day (1995)

Exemplary Biography | 7.3 (IMDb)

This Iranian film is based on the well-known book of the same name by Bahram Beyzai. When filmmaker Shahram Assadi was offered to turn the book into a film, he took the charge of directing this movie.

The story of the movie revolves around Abdullah, who left the stage of his marriage and joined the battle in response to the call for war against the enemies of Islam.

This 1995 film stars popular Iranian actors including Ali Reza Shojanuri, Ladan Mostofi, and Jamshid Mashayekhi. At the Fajr Film Festival, this movie won Crystal Simorgh for Best Film and Best Set & Costume Design.

Piling Up

These greatest Islamic movies of all time can be a suitable medium for self-purification. Furthermore, these films can help those people who are looking for a purpose in life that transcends traditional boundaries. Not just entertainment, each one of these Islam-centric films claims improvement in lifestyle, thinking and attitudes by realizing its underlying message.

Source: United News of Bangladesh