Edotco appoints new country managing director

 Group Sdn Bhd (“edotco”), an integrated telecommunications infrastructure services provider, announced the appointment of Ricky Steyn as the new Country Managing Director of edotco Bangladesh.

Under the new leadership, edotco is set to reinforce its commitment and grow its presence in the nation through the provision of innovative next generation telecommunication solutions and continued service delivery excellence to its customers.

Leading an experienced team, this new appointment reaffirms edotco’s commitment to play a significant role in enabling the country ready for 5G.

“Bangladesh’s digital transformation journey is moving at a fast pace. With numerous services now digitalized, we are certain that we can play a key role in ensuring the right sharable infrastructure is in place to drive this growth further.” said Ricky.

“The right infrastructure in a growing economy like this is key in ensuring reliable and fast network services, and independent infrastructure companies like us are well positioned to facilitate and manage this development.”, he said.

Source: United News of Bangladesh